This Healthy Chocolate Dessert Has Zero Added Sugar—and Is Still Totally Delicious

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Looking for an easy, healthy dessert that still tastes amazing? You need this avocado chocolate mousse in your life.

The whole point of dessert is to enjoy a little something sweet after dinner. Unlike breakfast, lunch, and dinner, dessert doesn't exist because you're hungry; it exists for the simple pleasure of savoring something delicious. Dessert is blissful.

But if you're sick of your banana bread and your chocolate chip cookies and are looking for another way to get your sweet fix, don't worry, we have another option for you. Chefs Mia Rigden and Jenny Dorsey—the genius hosts behind Well+Good's Alt-Baking Bootcamp—have perfected a dessert recipe that's super chocolate-y while also being friendly towards a variety of eating plans and with zero added sugars. And it comes in the form of a rich, decadent avocado chocolate mousse.

"Our chocolate avocado mousse has no dairy, no gluten, no grains, no eggs, you can make it totally nut free, and it's sugar free," Rigden says. That might sound like a recipe for something totally bland and flavorless, but rest assured, the final product is super delicious.

The key comes down to three major components. The first two: amping up the chocolate flavor with dark chocolate (Ridgen and Dorsey use 70 percent dark chocolate) and raw cacao, which gives the taste of chocolate without excess sugar. "I love using chocolate because the cacao bean is really high in antioxidants and it's super healthy. It's just what we add to chocolate sometimes that can make it not a healthy thing," Ridgen explains.

The third crucial ingredient is the almighty avocado. While the dark chocolate does contain some natural sugar, the healthy fats in the avocado help keep blood sugar levels stable. "The fat in the avocado adds creaminess to the dish and the fiber helps us feel fuller longer and it helps with digestion," Ridgen says, highlighting more of its benefits. Bonus: avocados are also linked to better sleep.

Besides the dark chocolate, raw cacao, and avocado, this avocado mousse recipe has very few ingredients and comes together in about 20 minutes. Watch the video to watch exactly how it's done.

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