This 4-Ingredient Avocado Scrub Will Brighten Skin in 1 Minute Flat

It's not exactly a secret that we at Well+Good love avocados: On our toast, in our smoothies, and now, thanks to Nana Agyemang, slathered all over our faces.

In the latest episode of "The Avocado Show," Agyemang, founder and CEO of EveryStylishGirl, shares the recipe for the avocado scrub she swears by. And all it takes are four easy ingredients that you already have sitting around at home: an avocado, some brown sugar, olive oil, and tea tree oil.

This quadruple-combo is a skin win for a whole lot of different reasons. First off, avocado is just as good for the outside of your body as it is for the inside. The fatty green fruit is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, and will leave skin brighter while also helping to strengthen its lipidic layer, which gets damaged throughout the day. The brown sugar will slough off dead skin, while tea tree oil will target any sort of breakouts or blemishes you've got going on. And finally, olive oil will help hydrate (especially you've got dry skin), and the end result will leave you like a bright, dewy complected goddess.

Agyemang’s unbeatable beauty tips aren't the only reasons why we're taken with the self-described girl boss. She founded her media company, EveryStylishGirl, as a means of combatting the lack of diversity she saw in the fashion industry. The brand's blog and Instagram helps to encourage women of color to embrace their passions and follow their creative pursuits—and happen to be absolutely freaking inspiring. As social media editor over at The Cut, she garnered even more A+ career advice to back it up. A few nuggets worth stealing for yourself: Begin networking conversations with a compliment, always carry a business card, and most importantly: "Know that your career is limitless, and you can achieve anything that you put your mind to."

No time to mix an avocado mask of your own? Try Glow Recipe's ready-made one. And for more magic from Avocado Show, check out this episode with one of our other favorite #girlbosses, Rebecca Minkoff

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