Your Beloved Avocado Is Just As Potent in This 2-Ingredient Face Mask As It Is Delish

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The beauty world is full of powerful duos—call them the Batman and Robin ingredients of your skin-care regimen. They're great on their own, but work even more efficaciously together. Think vitamin C and ferulic acid, or turmeric and black pepper, for example.

And, as gleaned from the depths of Reddit, another two work just as well when it comes to hydration—and they don't hail from the chemist's lab, but rather from your kitchen.

One user swears that an uber-moisturizing mask can be made with just an avocado and some honey. "I have extremely dry skin, and this homemade mask of all store-bought products has been the best to make my face feel super hydrated," according to the user. "I mix avocado (you can just use whatever is left in the peel or set some aside if you wish) and honey and apply. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and I swear it does wonders."

Is there actually something to this super simple recipe? I consulted an esthetician to check out the situation... and, as it turns out, it's a mask everyone can and should be whipping up.

"Applying avocado as a mask leaves skin brighter thanks to the vitamin C, and it's very hydrating from the vitamin E and antioxidants," says Joanna Czech, a Dallas-based esthetician. "Externally, avocado helps strengthen the lipidic layer of our skin which is damaged everyday." And the complexion-boosting perks don't end there—honey's just as powerful when it comes to beautifying your skin.

"Honey has antibacterial properties, and also helps support your immune system," Czech explains. It's also a humectant that pulls moisture out of the air and onto your skin.

Her advice for making the mask at home? "Eat the other half of the avocado to help the skin internally as well," says Czech. Toast at the ready.

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