Exclusive: This Iconic Beauty Brand Is Launching a Line of Supplements

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Straight from the department of beauty and wellness colliding: Today, Avon (the catalog beauty brand you've known for forever) is launching a line of supplements and daily vitamin packs called Espira. It's yet another move by a big beauty brand to get into the wellness game (and one of the first, along with Jane Iredale to get into ingestible beauty).

Beauty has long been viewed from the outside in: slather on this cream to fix your skin woes or try this serum to make it glow, but as more dermatologists recommend diet tweaks (nix dairy if you're struggling with acne, for instance) it's exciting to see that big beauty brands are taking note of the inside-out approach and getting into the game. It's not that beauty supplements are new, per se. Companies the likes of Hum and The Beauty Chef have been leading the charge on skin-from-within for years, it's just that their success heralded this category into the mainstream mindset, and that's something everyone can benefit from.

"When conceptualizing the Espira range, we looked to women ages 18 to 50—our primary customers and representative age base—who possibly had children, and definitely had busy lives, to figure out exactly what their needs were," says Elana Gold, Avon Chief Marketing Officer, who led the creation of the range. "What we found was a serious depletion of energy. It seems everyone is tired these days."

Those who are short on sleep and equipped, instead, with a long list of things to do (including prioritizing their skin-care regimens) can find a lift from the line, because Avon has taken the care to do this right. They tapped high-level talent previously at GNC (the supplement haven) and spent 18 months researching the most potent plant-based ingredients to include in the line. Its three hallmark categories of supplements are meant to boost your complexion, aid your gut, and help you relax. Bring it on.

Keep scrolling to see how each of the Espira ranges work.

Avon supplement line
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Focus on your skin-health

"The Glow collection is very obviously Avon," says Gold. "We're proud of our skin-care products, and the Glow supplements enhance care from the inside out." Featuring an a.m. supplement called Protect and a p.m. powdered drink mix dubbed Restore ($54 for both), the duo works in tandem, leveraging antioxidants to help ward off potential environmental damage by day as well as collagen and peptides to help plump skin and improve hair health while you snooze.

"It gives you a little beauty boost during the day—but it helps restore and renew cells at night for healthy hair, nails, and skin," adds Gold. And although only the duo of beauty supplements is available right now, Gold says you'll see more beauty-from-within pills, powders, and potions from Espira in the future.

Avon introduces supplements
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Slow down your routine

You probably already know that, according to the National Sleep Foundation, you should be clocking about eight hours of sleep every night. With busy schedules and those too-late cups of coffee, however, it can be hard to drift off on demand every single night. According to Gold, the Restore collection aims to help with overall relaxation and sleep without causing grogginess. "Key ingredients include relaxation-inducing magnesium and a vitamin-B complex," she says of the Calm supplement ($18). "So it just kind of takes the edge off but still keeps you focused."

The rest of the Restore range includes other daily must-have like a slew of multivitamins—including ones for men and women over the age of 40—along with the all-natural Restful Sleep ($18), which has plant-based ingredients like chamomile and hops that are purported to send you off to dreamland.

Avon supplements
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Have a gut-check

Another plant-based hallmark from the Espira collection are the Plant Protein Powders ($35), which are available in vanilla or chocolate as well as in a 15-serving canister or a 10-pack of single-serving sachets. "We went with plant-based protein, as opposed to one with whey or any animal derivatives, because we believe it's the healthiest and what people should be consuming." (For the record, they're delicious mixed with morning coffee.)

They're both a part of the Boost line, which was designed "to provide customers with focus, energy, and clarity," says Gold. The Boost range also includes additional supplements and packs that range in price from $20 to $126, all purported to rev up the metabolism and give you, as Gold says, "a natural boost." Meaning 3 p.m. crash, you may have just met your match.

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