These Zodiac Necklaces Are the Perfect Gift for the Friend Who’s Always Checking Their Horoscope

Photo: Awe Inspired
In every family or friend group, there's at least one person who's into astrology. Perhaps these people are casual star-gazers, who, say, have their sun signs in their Instagram bio, or enjoy some friendly zodiac-related discourse. Other, more fervent celestial beings might go as far as to ask you for your birth place and time in hopes of mapping your birth chart, or religiously mark the dates of Mercury retrogrades on their calendars for the upcoming year.

Whether your friend is a loud-and-proud astrology aficionado or a quieter zodiac lover, there's one gift that will have them seeing stars this holiday season: the Awe Inspired Celestial Collection of zodiac-themed necklaces, which start at $160.

Awe Inspired, Zodiac Necklace — $165.00

One side of the dainty charm features an engraved constellation, while the other features a goddess-inspired figure that celebrates the corresponding sign. Available in 14k gold vermeil ($165) or sterling silver ($160).

ICYMI, zodiac jewelry is having a moment. Meghan Markle wow'd fans with two stunning constellation necklaces she wore in honor of her children this past August. And earlier this summer, Rihanna seemingly couldn't take off her sparkly Pisces pendant (which, at $14,800 a pop, we wouldn't take off either).

The good news is, you don't have to drop big bucks to look like the stars. Or feel one with the stars, rather. Fine jewelry brand Awe Inspired launched a line of affordable zodiac-themed medallions that look twice as good as Rihanna's and Markle's. That's because these pendants don't just feature one zodiac symbol, but two.

Photo: Awe Inspired

Similar to the brand's other goddess-inspired collections, the Celestials features twelve zodiac goddesses, "celebrating the divine and feminine and its mystical connection to the stars."

On one side of each pendant, you'll find an engraved constellation in the shape of your sun sign. But flip it over, and find a beautiful goddess illustrating the corresponding zodiac symbol. For example, Capricorn's goddess wears goat horns and fish tail, while Taurus's goddess rides on the back of a bull. Similarly, Leo's goddess rides on a lion, while Pisces trades the animal-iconography for two swimming mermaids. Dainty and delicate, yet powerful and inspiring, each piece celebrates empowerment and femininity in a creative, one-of-a-kind-way.

Design aside, the quality of the pieces are enough to leave your friends and family starry-eyed. The necklaces are available in two metals: a 14k gold vermeil ($165) or sterling silver ($160), both of which are hand-crafted and hand-polished by trusted artisans from around the world.

While the Celestials collection doesn't feature any diamonds or gemstones, other pieces do—these are ethically sourced and vetted for fair labor and sustainability. The brand also dedicates 20 percent of proceeds to its charity partners, including the NAACP, Trevor Project, and Cancer Care, meaning you can feed two birds with one scone by giving a gift that gives back this holiday.

All sorts of astro-lovers will love necklace that looks good on its own or layered. Shop the Awe Inspired Zodiac collection here, or find more celestial-inspired gifts, below.

7 other perfect pieces that will leave your friends starry-eyed

Awe Inspired, Triple Moon Charm Necklace — $150.00

Your friend will love this stunning moon-necklace, whether or not their sign rule by the moon. Per the description, the “Triple Moon represents divine feminine power in all of its aspects: intuition, creativity, wisdom & mystery.” Also available in silver ($140).

Awe Inspired, Crescent Mood Studs — $145.00

Treat family and friends (or yourself) with these dainty lunar studs. They’re tiny enough to layer with other earrings, but still bright enough to make a statement when worn alone. Available as a pair or individually in gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Awe Inspired, Triple Star Necklace — $145.00

This necklace will leave them seeing stars… literally. Each pendant features three stars, one of which is embossed with brilliant cut diamonds. Perfect for layering with other necklaces, and it’s also available in gold vermeil ($155).

Awe Inspired, Moon Wave Necklace — $155.00

Water signs get the best of the both things in this pendant: the moon, a ruler of emotions, plus a watery wave. Also available in sterling silver ($140).

Awe Inspired, Aquamarine Studs — $75.00

If Zodiac signs aren’t your friend’s thing, treat them to a pair of earrings with their birthstone. These delicate studs feature 3.5mm bezel-set gemstones in all twelve birthstones, elevating any ear-scape instantly. Available as a pair or individually in gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Awe Inspired, Moonstone Ring — $90.00

This ring swaps a moon shape for a moonstone, an elegant, ethically-sourced gem that goes with just about anything. Wear it separately or stack it with other thin, delicate bands for a look fit for a goddess. Also available in sterling silver ($85).

Awe Inspired, Diamond Star Necklace — $145.00

Tiny diamonds accent this sterling silver star that plays well with others, and looks just as good solo. Also available in gold vermeil ($155).

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