6 Products That Will Make Your Drugstore Shopping List More Eco-Friendly (Yep, Even When You’re Grabbing Allergy Meds)

When you walk into a drugstore to restock medications, pain relief creams, or other everyday health and wellness essentials, most likely the social impact of the products on the shelves is not top of mind.

That's because unlike when you're scrolling through Instagram ads that tout products made of sustainable materials or clothing brands that promise to give back to underserved communities, a trip to the drugstore is usually a quick, in-and-out endeavor. But, that doesn't mean that behind the scenes drugstore staples aren't making a difference, too. If you prefer purchasing from brands that do good no matter what aisle you're in, all you have to do is look for the B Corp certified logo.

Take Sanofi Consumer Healthcare North America (Sanofi CHC), for example, makers of brands you see at every drugstore in the country—such as Allegra®, Xyzal®, Dulcolax®, Cortizone-10®, IcyHot®, and Aspercreme®. But the story behind those familiar labels is a community and company ethos that’s transforming business into a force for good.

To prove it, this year Sanofi CHC obtained a B Corp certification—one of most rigorous, trusted certifications a business can receive—and in doing so became the first, large consumer health-care company to meet such high standards of social and environmental impact.

"B Corporations, or B Corps, are leaders in the global movement for an equitable, sustainable future," Andrew Loucks, the head of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare North America. "The rigorous certification process requires an assessment by B Lab, a nonprofit organization that evaluates companies to help ensure they meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency."

As part of its continued commitment to sustainability, Sanofi CHC is eliminating 35 tons of plastic packaging per year, reducing operational greenhouse gases on the road to being carbon neutral by 2030, and having net-zero emissions by 2045, and powering all North American distribution and manufacturing sites with 100 percent renewable energy, Loucks said.

On the social impact side, Sanofi CHC is involved in Comebaq Courts, an Icy Hot initiative that renovates basketball courts in under-resourced communities, and KidSports Canada, which provides access to organized sports opportunities for Canadian youth facing socio-economic barriers, Loucks adds.

B Corp certifications aren't a one-and-done certification either. Every three years, Sanofi CHC must update its B Impact Assessment (BIA) and verify its updated B Impact score to prove that the company is still engaging in all of its good work.

So, what does that mean for your drugstore run? It's simple for you to support Sanofi CHC in building a healthier future by purchasing these six products (instead of reaching for the generic versions) during your next stock-up.

Shop Products for Social Impact

Allegra® Allergy 12 Hour Tablets

Grab these beloved, non-drowsy allergy relief pills next time you start to feel the sniffles come on, and feel even better than just 12-hour allergy relief: Sanofi CHC removed the plastic window on Allegra® packaging as part of their overall efforts to reduce plastic.

Xyzal® Allergy 24HR

Xyzal® is another allergy relief product that Sanofi CHC eliminated plastic packaging from, ensuring that its packaging is now plastic-free and fully recyclable. Take one of these before you go to bed for symptom relief while you sleep that’ll last throughout the entire day.

Dulcolax® Laxative Tablets

Stock up on some Dulcolax® before the holiday season commences for when all that heavier holiday food hits your stomach, and thank us later: It’s a leading laxative brand to help (ahem) speed things up for a reason.

Cortizone-10®️ Maximum Strength Itch Relief Soothing Aloe Cream

Next time you need some itch relief from skin rashes, inflammation, or irritations, reach for Cortizone-10®️, so you can feel less irritated and good about what you’re buying. (PS: It also has aloe to help soothe your skin, too.)

Icy Hot®️ Original Cream

Adding Icy Hot®️ pain relief cream to your workout routine—its contrast therapy of cooling to dull the achy pains, and warming to relax the affected muscles and joints is always welcome—and support the aforementioned Comebaq Court initiative between Icy Hot®️ and the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation. As of 2021, the initiative had built or restored over 70 basketball courts and impacted the lives of over 20,000 young people.

Aspercreme®️ Pain Relief Cream

Sanofi CHC champions consumers to engage in better self care for themselves and their communities, according to Loucks. To that end, Aspercreme®️ can help provide fast relief for joint pains, whether you suffer from arthritis or have a muscle strain. Feeling empowered and getting relief for what ails you? Now that’s some top-notch self care.

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