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This $34 Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote Rivals Any Fancy Purse I’ve Splurged On

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Now that I've finally started to leave the house again, I have to start thinking about bags. I have a modest collection I used to rotate through back when I went to an office for work, and evenings out. This includes standard leather totes from Madewell and Everlane, a Chanel knockoff I bought in Manhattan about eight years ago (all I have to blame is being in my early 20s, sorry!), a treasured Clare V. crossbody that's the perfect size for quick errands, or when I just want to feel unburdened by all the stuff that somehow ends up in a bigger bag (books, tampons, Tylenol, three lipsticks, a Luna bar I forgot to eat, etc.). But in the last year, the bag that's won over my heart and shoulders is the Baggu "Duck Bag."


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Baggu Duck Bag

Baggu Duck Bag — $34.00

Made from thick, recycled cotton, this tote is all the things you need in an everyday bag.

The cotton canvas tote is roomy, sturdy, and simple, and it's my go-to. Not only does it fit everything I need, but its storage situation is *chef's kiss*. I fit my Mac Air, wallet, and all the above mentioned junk if I want (and it has a spacious pouch for all your smaller trinkets). It's casual enough to take to the beach, but structured enough to wear to dinner or to the office. It may not be made of a fancy material, but it holds up. It's been on many day trips, weathered drink spills and melted candy, and it does just fine in the rain. Baggu recommends you spot-treat the stains, which is what I've been doing.

I also chose a leopard print pattern called "Yellow Multi" to camouflage any potential damage (so far, so good though), and also because it's fun. If animal prints aren't your thing, you can choose from ten different colors and patterns, including a plain white, terra cotta, and calming forest green. (Right now, all colors except for black are out of stock—just FYI.)

The Duck Bag comes with handles, so while you can swing it over your shoulders, you can always pick it up if you want (the strap is also long enough to wear is as a cross-body bag). And? It's only $34. Get the bag.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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