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This Genius Hack Will Make Baking-Soda Spills a Thing of the Past

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Why is it that when a recipe calls for a even the tiniest bit of baking soda, you almost always end up with  a powdery-white countertop? It might have something to do with the totally user-unfriendly spout that commonly adorns containers of the stuff. But while healthy-home mavens await an ergonomic upgrade to standard baking soda packaging, a genius hack—using a tool that's probably already in your kitchen—could stop the spillage once and for all.

In order to work with baking soda without wasting half of the box, Apartment Therapy recommends filling a cleaned-out salt shaker with the all-star ingredient to ensure you get a perfect, fuss-free pour every time you use it. And get this: While clumps might seem like they'd be an issue, this method keeps them from making an appearance, since the small holes on the salt shaker double as a sifting tool.

Transferring baking soda into a cleaned-out salt shaker will ensure you get a perfect, fuss-free pour every time you use it.

If your only salt shaker is already in use, simply grab one from Amazon for less than your morning coffee probably costs. The next time you're baking a masterpiece with only minimal cleanup, you'll be glad you shook up your baking-soda-storage game.

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