8 Balance Exercise Examples for Better Stability as You Age

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Proper stability is key to every fitness journey, regardless of age or athletic goals. Like eating right for heart health and improving flexibility, maintaining balance throughout your life should be a top priority for your overall health.

Boosting your balance is easy with the right training. In fact, there are handful of simple balance exercise examples you can do right in your own home, many of which take just five minutes or less. From balancing on one foot while you brush your teeth to incorporating specific isometrics in your daily workout routine, stepping up your stability levels isn't difficult.

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  • Ashley Joi, CPT, six-year fitness industry veteran who currently works with Centr
  • Colette Dong, founder of The Ness in New York City
  • Lara Heimann, PT, physical therapist, yoga instructor, and founder of LYT Method
  • Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer, yoga instructor, and fitness model

If you're feeling a little wobbly on your feet, below are eight trainer-approved balance exercise examples to copy at-home, no tightrope necessary.

8 balance exercise examples to improve stability

1. Balance while brushing your teeth

An easy way to build balance can be done right while brushing your teeth. Physical therapist Lara Heimann, PT, says standing on one leg for your two-minute oral hygiene session can help tune-up your balance and strength as you brush. Other good times to practice? Zoom calls work just as well as standing at the sink to wash the dishes. Get more PT-approved balance exercise examples, here.

2. Yoga for balance

Put your stability skills to the test with a 20 minute yoga flow, led by Nike master trainer Traci Copeland. Flow with Copeland and perform all the classic yoga moves that test your balance and breath work in less than a half hour.

Try this 20-minute yoga flow to improve balance:

3.  Lunges for stability

Did you know lunges can help with agility and balance?  "Sometimes someone will bump into you or you'll step off a curb and you have to regain your balance quickly," Sabrena Jo, MS, a personal trainer, previously told Well+Good. "This requires what's called 'gait training,' which is regaining your balance during locomotive activities." Other great exercises include squats, aerobics, and simply stepping side-to-side. Read more, here. 

4. Core workout for stability

When it comes to balance, a strong core is, well, core. Strengthen your abs and obliques in just six minutes with this core stability workout, led by track athlete turned personal trainer Ashley Joi. You'll feel the burn as you move through a circuit of serious moves, including alternative crunches, side planks, and leg lifts—all crucial to building better balance.

Try this 6-minute core stability workout:

5. The BEEP program for balance

According to Harvard Health, BEEP—balance-enhancing exercise program—is a study-backed method to improve your balance. A 2016 study published in Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine found that people who stuck to it had better balance, a quicker walking speed, and more confidence. Although the program is designed mainly for those between 60-80 years old, better to work on your balance now than later. Learn more, here.

6. Rebounder balance exercises

Give your whole body a balance-loving boost with this 10-minute total body workout. Led by Colette Dong, founder of the Ness, this sweat sesh uses a rebounder to strengthen muscles throughout your upper body, lower body, and core. It's also killer for cardio, allowing you to maximize heart health while you double-down on your balance.

Try this 10-minute full body rebounder workout:

7. Skater lunges for balance

Skater lunges are beloved for their ability to improve balance, mobility, and flexibility—practically a triple threat in the workout community. If you're not familiar, the move mimics the motion of speed skating, requiring you to hop from side-to-side pushing into a lunge as you go along. Because it works multiple muscles at the same time, the move hugely impacts your overall athletic performance, balance included. Read more, here.

8. Running workout for stability

Though this workout is designed for runners, anyone can do it for a boost in stability. Led by Traci Copeland, it features lower body-focused moves designed to strengthen the muscles you need to run faster, stronger, and with better balance.

Try this lower-body workout to boost running stability:

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