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Ballet Beautiful Is (Finally!) Launching Group Classes

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Photo: Ballet Beautiful, Dancer: Mary Helen Bowers

Ballet Beautiful is getting ready to chassé its way into new territory in New York City. The barre-ballet workout with a devoted online presence and celeb following—including Gigi Hadid, Kate HudsonNatalie Portman, and Lily Aldridge—will offer group classes for the first time starting next week. In other words, non-celebs: This is your chance to get in on the port de bras action.

"When I launched Ballet Beautiful it was just me, working out of clients' homes and home gyms, and online from home or remote locations," Mary Helen Bowers, the professional ballerina who famously trained Portman for her Oscar-winning role in Black Swan, tells us.

It's all about sculpting sleek muscles while reliving your ballerina fantasies—piano and tutus included.

"We now have over a dozen classically trained ballet dancers working as master trainers at Ballet Beautiful to help us meet the incredible demand for the workout," she says. "Group classes give us the ability to share the workout with a larger group at a really great price point. We are absolutely thrilled about this launch!" (Classes are $38 per class with class packs that lower the price, and you can book online for both the Upper East Side and Soho locations.)

At a recent preview of Ballet Beautiful's group classes at the Upper East Side location (which the on-the-rise studio just opened in December), Bowers told us she likes a "deep burn," and she wasn't kidding: The workout includes high-energy barre exercises, targeted mat work, and ballet cardio (yes, Swan Arms are earned in sweat). It's all about sculpting sleek muscles through the legs, core, butt, and upper body, so prepare for serious reps—while reliving your ballerina fantasies (piano and tutus included) in an airy, classic townhouse.

The class size (eight to ten students max) allows for individual attention and corrections. And yes, newbies with zero childhood recitals to their name should be totally fine. As Bowers puts it, "You can rock your ballet slippers, but dance experience is not required."

Scroll down for a tour of Ballet Beautiful's Upper East Side studio.

Ballet Beautiful Upper East Side, 19 East 75th St., 3rd floor, New York, NY,

Photo: Ballet Beautiful
Photo: Ballet Beautiful

Photo: Ballet Beautiful
Photo: Ballet Beautiful

Photo: Ballet Beautiful
Photo: Ballet Beautiful

Not sure what to wear? If you want to join the Pointe Princess fashion tribe, we've got some suggestions for you. Or follow Bowers' lead: She has a ballet-inspired activewear line as well.





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