I Have Cold Toes All the Time, and These Slipper Boots Are Like Wearable Blankets for Your Feet

Photo: Baloo
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When it comes to any product that makes you feel like you're still in bed, you can go ahead and sign me right up. Robes, slippers, blankets—these are a few of my favorite things. I’ve lived in California for years, but as a born-and-raised New England girl where the winter season lasts from basically November to May, I know the importance of bundling up—especially when it comes to your tootsies. “Cold feet” isn’t just the thing Julia Roberts gets at the beginning of Runaway Bride. I have actual cold hands and feet because I run naturally cold, but I also have poor circulation—which is fairly common and causes cold extremities, especially feet.

So when I heard about the “Cloud Bootie” from Baloo Living ($78) I was immediately intrigued. I love the name—I want my feet to feel like they’re inside a cozy cloud! Who doesn’t?

baloo winter boots
Cloud Bootie — $78.00


  • By far the best part about these slippers is how soft, lightweight and cozy they are without giving the dreaded “feet sweats” that some shearling or extra plush slippers have. I hate that clammy feeling that fur-lined slippers can have. But the cotton material makes these so breathable.
  • I’d say the warmth-level is “mid warmth,” so it’s great if you want something right in that middle sweet spot.
  • They have a no-slip gripped sole, but the slipper itself is soft and foldable so you can easily pack them. So I think this makes them one of the best travel slippers, especially if you’re like me and always like changing into cozy socks or slippers on the plane.
  • My favorite part of the design is that they are full booties, so they keep your entire feet (and upper ankles) warm. I never understand furry slippers that are sandals with exposed heels and toes. If your toes are cold that defeats the purpose of wearing a fuzzy slipper?


  • This isn’t a major con because it doesn’t affect the quality and coziness of the slipper, but…they’re not super cute. They kind of look like soft loaves of bread on your feet. But I’d much rather have a non-cute slipper that keeps my toes toasty than a fuzzy fashion slipper that doesn’t even keep my feet warm. Since they only come in two colors, I’d suggest maybe adding a rose pink color as an option?
  • They’re spot-treatment only, so they’re not machine-washable.

I had heard of the brand Baloo Living before, because the brand has gotten a ton of press for its bestselling weighted blanket, which I’ve also tried and love (it’s so breathable, but still weighted enough to feel very calming—just an FYI if you're also in the market for a weighted blanket!). But I didn’t know the brand also made slippers. The Cloud Booties come in two colors, gray and black—I got a gray pair in a size medium (my shoe size is 7.5).

They’re soft, quilted and made of cotton and are designed to be worn two ways: either fold the upper part down for an ankle-length look, or pop it up for more coverage. I liked wearing it the second way more because it keeps me warmer. And they’re currently $78. Which I know sounds like a lot for slippers, but warm, high-quality slippers that actually last you all year long are usually just pricier.

Bottom line? They’re called the “Cloud Bootie,” but I’d say they’re more like little sleeping bags for your feet. Also clouds are soft, but they’re not particularly warm—and these booties are both. These are some of the coziest slippers on the market, especially if you want something lightweight and breathable that keeps you warm but without feeling overheated. A major win for this cold-footed gal!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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