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One of the Best Banana Peel Uses? Shining up Your Shoes

Tehrene Firman

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Photo: Stocksy/Katie Joe

People have been slipping on bananas in slapstick comedy for years. And while stepping on one doesn’t actually result in a traumatic fall on the sidewalk (thanks, MythBusters), it could be a totally chemical-free—and environmentally-friendly—way to shine up your favorite pair of booties in seconds.

It might sound strange, but according to PureWow, the texture of the inner part of a banana peel works great as an all-natural shoe shiner on both leather and faux-leather shoes. The technique is incredibly simple, too: All you need to do is buff your booties until the oil from the peel gets rid of any marks and scuffs. Then before wearing your shoes around again, gently wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to clean off any leftover banana chunks. Unless, you know, you want to snack on them later.

The next time you’ve finished enjoying your snack, don’t toss the peel in the trash—put it to good use. And when someone asks you how you got your shoes so shiny, just be prepared for some very confused looks.

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