Make This Hair-Whipping, Woo-Woo Workout From Bari Your Next New Moon Ritual

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Gather your women's circle and get ready to clear some major energy: A new moon is coming on February 15. And one thing you'll want to add to your reset ritual this month is a sweaty dance party with your squad.

To help you fully embrace the era of lunar everything, Bari Studio, one of the buzziest boutique fitness spots in New York City, is exclusively sharing five moves from its new, lunar-centric sweat sesh, which it'll start offering in studio in time for the next new moon on March 17. The women behind the class are instructors (and IRL besties), Colette Dong and Ali Castro. The trainers say they were inspired to create the class because they find physical movement to be such a powerful part of their own new moon rituals. "For some people, [it's] burning sage, or it’s writing their intentions and burning them," Dong says. "But for us, it’s no question that we wanted to use movement to drop into our bodies and our intentions."

So, what can you expect from the class? A mix of cardio, sculpting, and some serious inner work. "Through the intense cardio level in the class, you can really come up against yourself and shed those layers," Dong explains. "It’s an intentional push to get you exhausted physically to really figure out: Who am I, what are my intentions? When I start to unravel, what's left? And I think that’s a good place to start." Besides their moves, Dong and Castro have shared a killer playlist for the workout as well. So, download these tunes, turn up the volume, and do each move for the duration of the accompanying song.

Scroll down for a new moon cardio workout and get ready to set some sweaty intentions.

New Moon Workout
Head roll and hair whip (song one)

First things first, let your hair down (literally)! The new moon is all about tapping into your inner fire, so start with some controlled head rolls and then feel what it's like to gradually let it all go and embrace your wild side. Incorporate your entire body including your core and shoulders, ground down through the feet and knees and swing your torso side to side.

New Moon Workout

Arm push to shed bad vibes (song two)

Roll your shoulders down and use your entire back to continuously press your arms front and side. You can start with a precise, controlled movement, and gradually let them speed up, banishing any negative thoughts or energy in the process. Be sure to stay grounded in the feet, with knees slightly bent the entire time.

New Moon Workout

Lunge to squat drop (song three)

Bring your feet wider than your shoulders and sink into a deep squat with your legs turned out in second position. You should feel your knees tracking over your toes, and your pelvis should remain neutral, like you're standing between two panes of glass (so not pressed forward or back). From your squat position, rotate your knees in one direction, dropping your back knee toward the ground. Stay low and return to your squat. Repeat on the other side. Embrace gravity here, and experience the push and pull from the floor through your legs and out the top of your head.

New Moon Workout

Step tap to fire up (song four)

Don't be afraid to let it all go with this one—think sweaty bedroom dance party. Stand with your feet slightly farther than hips-distance apart. Bend your right leg behind you like you're trying to kick your left butt cheek with your heel. Repeat on the opposite side. Let your arms be free, swinging forward and back, and enjoy the feeling of pure movement. Feel the new blood circulating throughout your body. Smile, scream, sing—you do you.

New Moon Workout

Press it out for precise intention setting (songs five and six)

Start by lying on your right hip (use a yoga mat or towel if you need to), with your knees bent and heels in line with glutes. Use your right elbow for support, but make sure your entire side body (from waist to shoulder) stays engaged and lifted off the ground. Find balance by anchoring yourself in place with your left palm flat on the floor. With bent knee, raise top leg to hover off bottom. Gently tap floor behind you and move through bent knee to extend leg in front of you at 45-degree angle. As you feel comfortable, make the movement a more fluid, swinging motion, turning your focus internally and channeling all the energy you just created into moving with precision. Continue on one side for full song, then switch sides for final song.

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