Barre babes: 5 vintage shots of celebrities pulsing and plie-ing


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marilyn monroe barre Because there’s a barre studio on every block (Physique 57! The Bar Method! Barre3!), there’s no denying that the pulsing-tucking-waterskiing workout is really having its moment in the spotlight.

But even if it’s now a sweaty fitness studio pursuit, the ballet barre’s been around as long as the point shoe and a staple in sculpting silver-screen bodies.

Here’s a vintage celebrity shortlist of those who helped make sculpting and toning at the barre cool—way before current day A-listers like Jennifer Aniston got their own installed in their homes. —Emily Karr



BRIGITTE BARDOT A young Bridgette Bardot shows her best attitude at a makeshift rooftop barre.

(Photo: Pinterest via Mashable)



sophia loren Sophia Loren practices her flexibility.

(Photo: via tumblr)



leslie caron Leslie Caron’s ballet legs got her discovered.

(Photo: Pinterest via Texags)



audrey hepburn Audrey Hepburn tries her hand (er, feet) en pointe.

(Photo: Pinterest via Fanpop)



marilyn monroe Marilyn Monroe at the barre with her instructor.

(Photo: Pinterest)



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