Barry’s Bootcamp Is Making a Big, Green Change in Its Studios

Photos: Courtesy of Barry's Bootcamp

bottle of barry's x just water

Last October, at a dinner in celebration of the Well+Good Council, Barry's Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez hinted that the boutique-fitness giant was in the process of making big, green moves. Now, one of those eco-positive changes is happening: Beginning today, all Barry's Bootcamp studios in the United States and United Kingdom—a total of 43—are discontinuing the sale of plastic water bottles. "By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish," Gonzalez says. "We’re just trying to do our part to combat the negative impact of single-use disposable plastic."

Instead, Barry's is partnering with (JUST) Water, a brand of spring water co-founded by Jaden Smith, to offer $3.50 water cartons that have a significantly lower carbon footprint than the average plastic PET bottle. "We’ve been longtime fans of Jaden and what he’s doing with (JUST)," Gonzalez says. "The bottles are made of 82 percent renewable resources and ethically sourced."

In addition, the spring water inside is sourced from the Glen Falls, New York, watershed, where (JUST) purchases excess water at an above-market price—treating water as a valuable commodity. (As contrast, Nestle pays as little as $200 per year to siphon millions of gallons of water from a tiny Michigan town near Flint, which is currently in the throes of a water crisis.)

"Making the choice that is better for the environment is something we all must do for our future."—Jaden Smith

Of course, the most ecologically sound option is to bring your own refillable bottle, and Barry's will continue to offer water-filling stations for people who opt to do so. "But we know that sometimes if you’re on the go, it’s not always realistic to bring your own," Gonzalez notes.

For his part, Smith hopes that Barry's stance against single-use plastic bottles will inspire people to consider the impact their everyday decisions has on the planet. "Having this prestigious fitness studio lead the way by choosing to bring in (JUST) as their sustainable water option sets an example for us all," he says. "We have choices and making the choice that is better for the environment is something we all must do for our future."

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