Barry’s Bootcamp Is Selling Discount Classes for the Only Time All Year, so You’d Better Stock up for 2020

Photo: Barry's Bootcamp
Let's be honest here: boutique fitness ain't cheap. Many classes will set you back $30 or more, so when a deal comes knocking at your door, it's time to pull out your wallet. The holiday Barry's Bootcamp sale is one of those moments. If you're one of the one-hundred thousand people who love the treadmill HIIT studio, step right up.

Through December 7, Barry's Bootcamp is offering class packs at slashed prices. Since Barry's has now become a global mainstay, the deals vary by region. For example, New Yorkers can buy a 10-class pack for $280 (originally $330) and save the extra $50 for post-workout brunch, or another holiday splurge.

If you've never tried the boot camp-style class before, Well+Good's fitness editor Rachel Lapidos' review might just convince you to lace up. "Barry’s has been my favorite workout studio for years now," she says. "It’s definitely more of a treat myself-kinda sweat sesh, though—which is why I wait with bated breath for them to slash their class pack prices. I pounce on this once a year Barry’s Bootcamp sale like a lion that’s been patiently eyeing its prey, and it has already brought me so much holiday joy."

Oh, and did I mention you can gift that same, sweat-soaked holiday joy to others? Winning at gift-giving, indeed.

Be sure to stretch after class, runners:

Wondering how to tackle the treadmill at the gym? Try the 5-4-3-2-1 method or try the curved treadmill for extra gains.

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