‘I Take Baths Multiple Times a Week to De-Stress, and These Are My Absolute Favorite Products for Doing Just That’

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I will always preach the gospel of bath time—and the importance of bath products to de-stress. It's scientifically proven to relax the body, and in doing so, I find it relaxes the mind as well. But a soak is not only an ideal way to turn off your brain, it literally sort of forces you to... there's not much you can do in a bath but just sit there and read, or listen to music, or listen to a podcast.... you get the gist.

"Settling into a calming bath is the ultimate pause button since you are forced to sit in one place and come to peace with your surroundings in that moment," Elena Severin, director of brands at The Detox Market, previously told Well+Good. Bath proponents, unite.

As I've gotten older, lower back pain and shoulder pain have gotten the best of me (exacerbated now by my WFH routine), and I find that being in a tub of warm water is one of the best remedies. Particularly, when I add some of my favorite bath products to de-stress like CBD salts or melatonin bubble bath. As the resident Well+Good bath ambassador (self-appointed title), here are some of my favorite bath products to help you unwind.

Lord Jones High CBD Bath Salts — $65.00

Is $65 a lot of money? You betcha. Do I think this jar of goodness is worth it? You betcha. With 240 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD, this jar of bath salts also contains essential oils to help relax and Epsom salts and Himalyan salts that cleanse the skin. I swear by it.

Dr. Teal's Melatonin Sleep Soak Foaming Bath — $5.00

Say hello to your new best friend. This super-affordable bath addition features melatonin to encourage sleep, with essential oils for relaxation. It also helps soothe muscle pain and aches.

Vertly Muscle Bath Soak — $24.00

I love this Vertly muscle soak because it features 100 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes with active botanicals like yarrow, rosemary, and marjoram to soothe and release muscle tension. It also features Dead Sea salt and calming essential oils like lemongrass, clary sage, and ginger.

Lifetherapy Grounded Body Wash and Bubbling Bath — $28.00

This 3-in-1 product can be used as a hand soap, body wash, or bubble bath (perfect for those of us without a lot of storage). It’s formulated with nourishing shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamins E, and the scents are great. But this is by far my favorite with fresh citrus and vanilla.

Diptyque Amber Candle — $68.00

As far as I’m concerned, the best ROI for bath time is a luxurious, great-smelling candle. It’ll make the experience feel even more special, and it’s perfect for mood lighting. (Seriously, can you be stressed in a low-lit room with a relaxing candle and music playing?) This one from Diptyque smells heavenly and burns for 60 hours.

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