Consider These Supportive, Stylish Swimsuits Your Big Boobs’ Bffs

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There are a lot of things I would rather do than shop for a swimsuit: watch a documentary about elevator mechanisms, scrub a pan that I’ve made cauliflower gnocchi in, get on the 405 during rush hour… the list goes on. Even as someone who is comfortable in my own skin, there is something particularly soul-sucking about going into a dressing room and slipping into a skintight, skin-baring article of clothing. There’s something infinitely better about trying on a swimsuit from the comfort of your own home. And if you, like me, have boobs that are dense like dying stars, you likely have felt personally victimized by a swimsuit or twelve. They're either not supportive or—sorry not sorry—kind of ugly. Where are all the cute swimsuits for big busts?

I had a recent press appointment to check out a brand’s latest swimwear collection, and I made my appointment for 9 a.m. like the fool that I am. Let me tell you, getting across town to try on swimsuits for work during rush hour has got to be one of Dante’s circles of hell. But as I tried on the different suits, sans coffee but plus body anxiety, I realized something: when a swimsuit is able to make your big boobs look good and also give them the support they need, it makes such a difference. It’s like on What Not To Wear when a woman would get the right size bra and it would completely change how clothes fit. Death to swimsuits that don’t make your boobs look amazing, honestly.

So I rounded up 15 stylish swimsuits for big boobs. They’re like this Kris Jenner gif, but for your boobs. (Read: supportive AF.)

15 swimsuits for big busts fit for surf, swim, and play

Photo: Saint Somebody

1. Saint Somebody Love is the Answer One Piece, $180

A vision in black and white, this suit ties right up at the bust for all-day-long security.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: Lululemon

2. Lululemon Clear Waters Bikini Top, $68

When it comes to big boobage, a triangle top fit to keep it all in can be a rare find. Consider the treasure hunt officially over, people.

Photo: Swimsuits for All

3. Swimsuits for All Lagoon Side Tie Sarong One-Piece Swimsuit, $67

Beachy florals mean you don't even have to try to be tropical. Even if you're just swimming laps at the Y, you'll look like you've just swum up from Atlantis.

Photo: Sweaty Betty

4. Sweaty Betty Glide Swimsuit, $120

Sometimes, you just want to feel like an athlete... even if you're just splashing around and not honing your backstroke.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: Summersalt

5. Summersalt The Marina, $95

This suit is stripey, sun-soaked fun.

Photo: Left on Friday

6. Left on Friday Hi Dive Top, $85

The high neck on this "look at me!"-purple number means you can join a pickup beach volleyball game. No problem.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: Target

7. Target Women's Tortoise Ring One Piece Swimsuit, $35

This one-piece feature a peekaboo mid-drift so that you can get bikini feels without the muss and fuss of two pieces.

Photo: Andie

8. Andie The Catalina, $69

At least half of the Well+Good office swears by this suit—and there's a color for every mood.

Photo: Madewell

9. Madewell x Land of Women Sofia One-Piece Swimsuit, $80

The flirty straps of this swimmer set it apart from other pieces, so prepare yourself for all the compliments.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: Land's End

10. Land's End Women's Slender Surplice Wrap, $65

This ocean blue hue is ready for Tulum.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: Lively

11. Lively The V One Piece, $65

Colorblock at the beach is a yes from me.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: Summersalt

12. Summersalt The Marina, $95

If you just can't choose one shade of blue, Summersalt is making it easier with this stripey find.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: beachsissi

13. Beachsissi Know Front High Waist Bikini Set, $30

A crop top-slash-swimsuit is all I've been asking for—for a very long time. Wish granted.

swimsuits for big busts
Photo: Bare Necessities

14. Bare Necessities Pour Moi Space Underwire Bikini Top, $44

If a little underwire brings you comfort under water, Bare Necessities has your back.

Photo: Aerie

15. Aerie Leopard Print One Piece Swimsuit, $41

Pink leopard—because, why not?

Need a confidence boost? Iskra Lawerence shares her tips for feeling *fire emoji* in a swimsuit. Also, ew: I was today years old when I learned that your eyes get red from pools because of the... urine content. More details about this very gross phenomenon here

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