7 Women of Different Chest Sizes Share Their Fave Bathing Suits for Feeling Sexy and Supported

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I sit here writing this story from a coffee shop very close to the beach, but not actually at the beach because a) I am on the clock and b) I can't imagine the glare from the sun would lend itself to a productive writing session. Or maybe it would, but I would be typing the words from my brain and they would come out as like, misspelled gibberish. So while I am cooped up across the street from the Pacific, staring wistfully out the window like I'm waiting for Ryan Gosling to appear, dreaming of being on the beach and drinking rosé, I decided to poll a variety of people to see what swimsuits they're planning to wear this season. You know, for inspo. And work. Definitely for work, not because I want to shop for bathing suits.

The poll-ees graciously answered my query, serving up a variety of suits at a variety of price points recommended by a variety of bust sizes. I don't know if you got this, but there are a variety of options to choose from. (What's a thesaurus?) It's a veritable smorgasbord of swimsuit options.

Shop the Best Bathing Suits for Every Chest Size

J. Crew Scoopneck Bikini Top — $55.00

“I’m slowly collecting the full rainbow of the J. Crew scoop bikini top. It’s chic, it’s sporty, it stays put, and there are no straps or ties or clips to deal with.” —Ella Dove, director of creative development

Summersalt Perfect Wrap One-Piece — $95.00

“This spring, I’m all about the wrap dresses, and this one-piece is the closest water-proof item I’ve found to one so far. Also, I love how the silhouette of this suit is accented by the bow at the waist!” —Kells McPhillips, staff writer

Andie Catalina — $95.00

“As someone with not-small boobs, finding a swimsuit that doesn’t go completely see-through when I dive into the surf is key. Thanks to its removal cups, underbust elastic, and slightly higher neckline, the Catalina gives me enough support to feel confident without going full swim-team. The burgundy color I have is sadly no longer available, but the cherry red is total Baywatch babe gets a chic update, thanks to the suit’s elongating high-cut leg.” —Abbey Stone, executive editor

Athleta Entwined Bikini Top — $69.00

“I love these Athleta swim sets that you can mix and match. I also may or may not work out in their bikini tops…” —Jess Freedman, fitness video producer

Aerie Leopard Scoop Bikini Top — $21.00

“My boobs are set really far apart, so I’m constantly looking for something that’s going to lift them up and push ’em together for a little bit of beach cleavage. (I like to let the girls out to play. Sue me.) This suit from Aerie fits the bill. It’s not only affordable, but every time I wear it I just feel *so* confident. Two thumbs (and I guess, two boobs?) way, way up for this little number.”—Zoë Weiner, beauty and fitness editor

Summersalt Marina — $95.00

“I love the Summersalt Marina because it feels like a bathing suit version of the perfect pair of leggings: so comfortable, supportive, and with just the right amount of compression. The fact that it’s super-cute and comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns just seals the deal.” —Alexis Berger, senior lifestyle editor

Madewell Second Wave Balconette Bikini Top — $50.00

“Madewell! The brand’s Second Wave line has great bottom coverage, sizes run from XXS-XXL and the fabric is recycled from pre-consumer nylon waste like fishing nets, fabric scraps, or carpet. This balconette bikini top has great support and I can be active (e.g. swim laps or jump in the pool) without feeling like my boobs are going to fall out of the top.They have a few colors and prints in this particular style.” —Sarah Ensign, events manager

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