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How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Dreamy Spa-Like Sanctuary

Erin Magner

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Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed

The bathroom has never really been known as a place where the "magic" happens, but now that self-care and staying home are officially goals for 2017, it's time to transform the room into a sanctuary worthy of your crystal collection. (The better to snap that #shelfie, right?)

Fortunately, making over your bathroom into a mindfully chill oasis is super simple, according to Gara Post, co-founder of The Now, a boho-chic day spa known as much for its dreamy design as it is for its $35 massages.

With a little extra attention (and the help of a mood-setting candle or two), you don't need to book an appointment to tap into those relaxing vibes.

Ready to create your own spa-like sanctuary? Keep reading for Post's guide to upping your bathroom's bliss factor. 

Photo: Instagram/@designlovefest
Photo: Instagram/@designlovefest

1. Stage a whiteout

While you might be tempted to experiment with wallpaper and paint colors in the bathroom, Post insists that all-white everything makes for the most serene space.

“A pure white canvas is soothing and modern,” she says. “It’s a great place to start.” Can’t paint your cabinets, floors, and fixtures? Opt for a white shower curtain, bath rug, or other large-scale accessories.

Photo: Instagram/@sfgirlbybay
Photo: Instagram/@sfgirlbybay

2. Bring the outside in

Plants aren't just for your beauty products. “Succulents specifically are easy to incorporate in any space,” Post says. They add an outdoorsy vibe to your interior, and the green color can also help stimulate your heart chakra, bringing your self-care bathing rituals to another level.

If you've got a bad track record with living things, no fear: She also recommends pulling in other accent colors found in nature, like a warm, wooden soap dish or ocean-blue hand towels.

Photo: Instagram/@tellandska
Photo: Instagram/@tellandska

3. Go global

Similarly, Post recommends picking up small items on your travels (or, you know, while surfing the web) to give your bathroom that exotic resort sensibility.

How to use them? “Get rid of cheap, plastic bins and use bronze bowls, hand-woven baskets, and other textural items for storing towels and beauty products,” she says. “Research global artisans—many are surprisingly affordable, and you can help stimulate a struggling third-world economy while bringing natural beauty to your daily life.”

Photo: Instagram/@designlovefest
Photo: Instagram/@designlovefest

4. Engage all your senses

Scent is the easiest way to create a multi-sensory experience in your bathroom. “Find a candle or smokeless incense that you love and spread it through your space,” Post says. Then: queue up a spa-sounds playlist, pour yourself a chlorophyll water, pile up some fluffy towels, and hop into a warm bath—oh, and don’t forget to clear your schedule for the rest of the day. You’re probably not leaving for a while.

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