The One Place People *Actually* Go to Escape Stress

Photo: Getty Images/Jacob Ammentorp-Lund
Are you ever so stressed out that you wake up in a daze in the bathroom hours later? (Just me?)

Everyone has their own coping mechanisms, and whether it's meditating, turning to healing crystals, doing EFT tapping (or whatever else you're into), people tend to have a fave place to do it. According to a new survey, that place is the bathroom.

Here's the reality of daily life, as explained on KBB Daily, a report by Gerberit found that 71 percent of the 1,000 British adults surveyed are "stressed out from the strains of modern life." So naturally, 43 percent of them said that they like to hit the land of the soaking tubs and steamy showers. According to the survey, it's seen as a "space to switch off and escape”—AKA get away from the to-do list and ever-so-constantly chiming iPhone.

And these results are backed by further science, which adds that the tub probably plays a huge role in this. Taking a daily bath has been shown to boost your mood and set you up for a greater sense of well-being. Which TBH, is kind of a no-brainer when you look at the array of bath salts, plushy robes (like the terry cloth ones from Trident that you can snag at Target), and luxurious post-soak oils and face masks.

Other places to hide out during a stressful situation? According to the research, one in five people prefer resorting to the kitchen, and 35 percent go to the bedroom. Bath: 1; bed: 0.

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