Take This Quiz To Find Your Signature (Non-Toxic) Bathroom Scent, and Kick Off 2021 With a Spritz

A bathroom scent that reminds you of the cool-vibe restaurant restrooms where you used to spend 10 minutes taking mirror selfies, testing out hand creams, and fawning over the patterned wallpaper is quite possibly the ultimate home bathroom goal. (Copying that bold wallpaper is a close second.)

But replicating such a space without getting their interior designer on the phone can feel out of reach. How can you find an everyday scent that speaks to your personal home vibe while still, you know, being strong enough for a room that is typically used for functional purposes only (...if you catch our drift)?

It's not actually that hard with Poo~Pourri's fresh bathroom sprays. You just spritz a little in the toilet before you go to eliminate odors before they begin, leaving you with just the natural, essential-oil-powered scent of your choosing. You'd rather pretend you're sitting on a sandy beach? There's a beach-chair-meets-commode option for you. You try to turn every possible moment into a self-care break, even the five minutes you spend in the restroom? There’s a soothing lavender-vanilla combo for all your future "ahh" breaks.

To cut through the whole "scan, spritz, sniff, repeat" vetting process, we created a quiz that just requires answering a few questions about yourself, and you'll be matched with the bathroom spray that smells like your own personalized version of those luxe restaurant restrooms.

Take the quiz to find the signature bathroom scent you'll want to spritz all year long.

Poo~Pourri bathroom scent

Shop your signature bathroom scent:

Poo~Pourri Royal Flush, $10

bathroom scent royal flush


Poo~Pourri Original Citrus, $10

bathroom scent citrus


Poo~Pourri Tropical Hibiscus, $10


Poo~Pourri Lavender Vanilla, $10

Top photo: BONNINSTUDIO/Stocksy

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