You Can Now “Microneedle” Foundation and We Are *All* About It

Photo: Stocksy/Jessica Lia
Technology has gotten pretty creative in figuring out how to make your fave makeup products last—and I'm talking about even longer than longwear makeup. First there were eyeliner and lip liner tattoos. Then, permanent-ish beauty treatments like microblading exploded, much to the fanfare of those who wanted thicker brows. And now, we've got a complexion option on the market: BB Glow semi-permanent foundation.

The closest thing I can compare it to is microneedling foundation. At a preview this morning with Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist and chief medical officer and founder of PFRANKMD, he unveiled the aesthetic treatments that will be big in 2020, one of which is this complexion-enhancing technology, dubbed PFrank MD BB Glow. "BB Glow is an immediate and short-term makeup procedure," Dr. Frank said at the event, noting that it originated in Korea (surprise). "We're literally microneedling organic makeup particles into the topmost layers of the epidermis."

It's actually a "nutrient-rich" BB cream (it's got vitamins and antioxidants in it) that's infused into the skin for light to medium coverage, and it works to blur acne scars, hyperpigmentation, freckles, uneven skin, and other topical blemishes you may want to hide. So if you're not quite ready to get a laser treatment yet, this works to even skin tone and lasts for several weeks.

While eyebrow microblading can stick around for up to two years, these pigments aren't placed very far into skin so they last less time. The superficial delivery of the product means that skin naturally exfoliates it away as your skin cells turn over (this varies for everyone but hangs around the 28-day mark). The whole thing happens without any topical numbing needing to take place (something that people who've had microblading know all-too-well means it's a pretty calm procedure in comparison). The procedure costs $550 per session, so it's definitely something that should be reserved for special occasions when you want your skin to simply beam.

"We're seeing a lot of different types of women and men doing it to help with scars," says Dr. Frank. Consider BB Glow the way of the future, saving us the stress that comes from finding the right foundation shade, applying it seamlessly, washing it off every night, preventing cakey-ness—and the list goes on.

If you're not quite ready for this yet, here are the best drugstore foundations you can buy. And this is how to find the perfect foundation brush to apply it with, according to the pros. 

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