5 Beachy Airbnbs That Are Perfect for Your Surf-School Getaway

Photo: Airbnb

Maybe it's their sun-kissed skin, or their always-perfect, saltwater-enhanced hair, but I've always thought of surfers as the chic French girls of the sports world. There is a vague, hard-to-identify mystique surrounding the surfer world—I mean, those wave riders are basically standing on water!

Good news: There are ways to live out those Blue Crush fantasies. (We've all dreamed about it, right?) So start saving your vacation days, and book a surf-school getaway. Below are Airbnb rentals located in or near popular surfing hot spots. Because what's better than having a dreamy crash pad to return to after a long day of catching waves? (Other than a soak a dreamy tub with your favorite luxe bath accessories, of course.)

See 5 beachy-chic surfer getaways below

Once you've picked your locale, here's what to pack, and the flight hacks to try for smooth flying.

Originally published November 30, 2017; updated May 23, 2018.

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