Beauty Detox Expert Kimberly Snyder Debuts Supplements

Celeb nutritionist Kimberly Snyder is known for being a beauty-foods evangelist and a go-to healthy Hollywood figure who tends to the high-profile tummies of everyone from Drew Barrymore and Kate Mara, to Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.

But after a whirlwind six months of globe-trotting (largely documented on Instagram), the Beauty Detox Solution author and founder of Los Angeles smoothie bar Glow Bio returned to launch a line of supplements that support her beauty-detox mission.

Called Probiotics+ and Detoxy+, they're certified vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free supplements meant to make sure you're soaking up the nutrition of the organic food you're eating, she explains. "You're not so much what you eat, as what you digest."

Probiotics+, intended to be taken every morning, was inspired by the idea that once upon a time—back when we grew our own food, brushed off the dirt, then popped it straight in our mouths—we had healthier guts, Snyder says, because of the proliferation of “Soil-Based Organisms” or SBOs we ingested.

“Today all of our food is pasteurized or covered in pesticides,” she adds—meaning it doesn’t have a lot of the probiotic strains we'd get eating fruits and veggies straight from pristine soil.

“The lactobacilli and bifidobacterium in popular yogurts and probiotic products actually constitute less than 1.5 percent of the bacteria found in the human gut,” Snyder says. Probiotics+, on the other hand, includes 29 strains of SBOs that closely mimic what has been part of our diet throughout history, which is good thing considering probiotics have been shown to block the development of skin issues, like acne and rosacea.

Detoxy+, which can be taken nightly or as many times a week as needed, is designed to help cleanse the digestive and elimination organs of waste and toxins to help the gut properly absorb nutrients, Snyder explains. “Poop,” she says, not mincing words, “is an important part of your health—and the buildup of waste in the intestinal track can create a roadblock.” (Her no-nonsense approach to toilet time is the stuff of legend, and it’s one of the first topics she broaches with new clients.)

“Detoxy+ breaks up that old waste using a blend of nascent oxygen and magnesium that gently help to move it out of the body through elimination while supporting the friendly bacteria in there,” Snyder says.

And while it may not be the sexiest of concepts, the bathroom-beauty connection is clear. "The Beauty Detox is about more than just food and nutrition." says Snyder. "Good digestion is the foundation for health, energy, and beauty." —Rachel Marlowe

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This post was originally published on September 22, 2014; updated on July 31, 2020.

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