The Best Beauty Gifts To Give to the Geminis in Your Life, According to an Astrologer

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ICYMI, Gemini season is in full swing, ringing in the start of summer with a much-needed playful energy and light, and airy vibe to match. From May 21-June 20, it's Twins birthday season galore, begging the question—what do you possibly get your chatty, endlessly on-the-go Gemini friends and family? Especially if they love all things beauty?

Luckily, Brooklyn-based astrologer and psychic intuitive coach, Alex Caiola, is here to help. She explains that the Twins are typically playful, curious types who love to socialize and learn. Their natural charisma makes them excellent hosts who can quickly charm new friends and acquaintances with witty ice breakers and fun facts, since they know a little bit about a lot of topics. "Geminis are the life of the parties, but will also pack their schedules, spreading themselves thin, making it difficult to 'do it all'," Caiola explains. "This is where they can get a bad reputation for being flighty or fickle."

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

Their busy schedules tend to mean their self care slips. Whereas many Cancers or Pisces have no problem skipping the party (and the after party and the after, after party...), Geminis want to pack it all in, often putting self care on the back burner. Fortunately, this makes a perfect excuse to celebrate their birthday with a beauty or skin-care gift that'll give them a little lift, even when they're on the move.

"Geminis love to have a fast, easy, and adaptable routine," Caiola says. "They’re totally open to going where they wind blows them, so they need a routine that can keep up with them. That said, sample sizing or variety packs for work super well for them to try out different products and keeps things interesting. They’re also always talking and laughing, so a fun lip gloss set would be perfect for them."

Like their large, vibrant personalities, look for products that stand-out aesthetically. Bright colors, alluring scents, beautiful packaging—shop for gifts with charisma that'll charm them the minute they tear off the gift wrap.

And, unsurprisingly, multitaskers will win their hearts, too.  "As the twins, they also love products that do two things at once. I don’t see them as totally adherent to one brand or hero product, unless they have very specific skin concerns," Caiola says. "They love to play in life, so this of course transfers to their skin and beauty."

Help your Gemini pals slow down with a beauty or skin-care birthday gift

Moon Juice, Acid Potion — $42.00

You can give your Gemini pal the gift of an at-home spa experience with a potent facial in a bottle, like this one from Moon Juice. It’s made with a hefty 25 percent blend of different acids, including glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids that brighten skin instantly, while reishi and niacinamide smooth and tone. A few swipes will leave them glowing.

Drunk Elephant, The Littles Night Out Skin Care Set — $50.00

For keeping things fun and interesting, Caiola recommends a Drunk Elephant sample set, which allows Geminis (and any sign, TBH) to mix-and-match as they please. “Drunk Elephant variety packs are fun and totally a Geminis’ speed because they’re bright and fun colors,” she says. Their skin and medicine cabinets will both thank you.

Tower 28, Shine On Milky Jelly Lip Collection — $65.00

These are a step up from the classic, middle school Juicy Tubes, giving wearers that oil slick shine plus a nourishing burst of moisturizing seed oils and extracts that lips slurp up. The set includes five pretty, creamy shades—a hue for every occasion.

Glowbar, Drop In Visit — $65.00

Caiola says Geminis love anything quick and speedy to better hold their attention span.”Glowbar in New York City is famous for their 30-minute facials, and their staff is so knowledgeable for the Geminis to ask a million questions,” she says. “Plus, they can get in and out fast!”

Billie, Gemini Astrology Shave Set — $23.00

The warm days of Gemini weather call for shorts, sleeveless shirts, and of course, swimsuits. If your Gemini pal is a shaver, treat them to this limited edition set from Billie that promises out-of-this-world soft skin. It includes a glittery razor handle, two blades, a magnetic holder, and a creamy ginger rose and jasmine cream blended especially for the Twins.

Nars, Summer Unrated Blush & Bronzer Duo — $45.00

As Caiola mentions, Geminis get bored easily, and are always on to the next thing. Any samples or packs where they can experiment with new products and colors daily are a sure bet.

“For keeping variety, thinking a gloss set [would be a good gift], like mentioned above or an eyeshadow palette,” she says. She suggests this blush bronzer duo from Nars, which includes two of the brand’s signature shades that can be built upon or used creatively all summer long.

Bossy Cosmetics, Style Meets Substance Eyeshadow Palette — $25.00

As its name suggests, style meets substance in this colorful, quality palette by Bossy Cosmetics. There’s a color for every event and every mood, so your Gemini friend can get really play and style accordingly. Some are matte, some are glittery, some are shiny—there’s no way they’ll get bored with this cute kit.

Glamnetic, Wavy Blues Press-On Nails — $22.00

“Geminis rule the hands and talk with them, so they definitely care about their nails too,” Caiola says. “Olive and June or Glamnetics press on nails are both great at-home products to keep things fresh for them.” Need some ideas? This Glamnetic Wavy Blues ($22) set gives off a groovy vibe they can pop on in seconds, and also come in a rainbow of other colors.

Olive & June, The Summer Polish Set — $53.00

If they’re not into the press on thing, treat them to this pretty polish set instead. It includes seven summery shades inspired by your favorite childhood memory: summer camp. Think, “Field Day,” a punchy, watermelon red, and “Blue Canoe,” a relaxing, lake blue. It’s like Camp Walden for Girls in a manicure.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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