You’ve Totally Overlooked This Online Beauty Hotspot—but It’s a Skin-Care Goldmine

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One of my 2019 goals is to revamp my skin-care lineup, because, if I'm being honest, it's a little bare-boned at the moment. But when I scroll through endorsements of new miracle products every time I open Instagram, it's pretty much impossible to know which ones I can really trust, right?

Actually, wrong. Dermstore, a dermatologist-founded beauty marketplace, is the expert-curated skin-care shopping experience I didn't know I needed. Basically, it cuts through the clutter to create a high-quality edit of indie brands (plus stuff I thought I could only get recommended by an MD) so that everyone from beauty mavens to newbies like me can easily find exactly what they need.

"Our skin is a window to our inner health and wellness," says Ashley Magovern, MD, Dermstore’s medical director.  "There really is no shortcut to youthful-looking skin other than through a healthy mind and body." That's why Dermstore stocks products across the spectrum from professional-strength formulas (otherwise only available at a dermatologist’s office) to natural beauty gems and general wellness-supporting essentials. Talk about a haul.

In addition to helping me buff up my nightly face routine (AKA actually stick with one), Dermstore has interviews with skin-care experts and a treasure trove of reviews to help me parse, parcel, and add to my probably-way-too-big shopping cart.

Keep reading for 3 ways Dermstore helped me upgrade my beauty-shopping experience—plus my fave products you can snag right now.

1. You can save with the rewards program (and it's actually kind of fun)

If you know me, you know I love a good deal. By joining the rewards program, I'll earn five percent back on every purchase, which means more cha-ching toward my aforementioned overflowing cyber cart.

Note to my fellow thrifty spenders here: You don't actually have to buy a ton of moisturizers or masks to start collecting points. Instead of earning through purchases, you can share Dermstore's blog posts or write a product review to secure a reward or two.

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2. There's so much useful information on the blog

In addition to my new fave products (those are coming later, don't worry), Dermstore provides dermatologist reviews on almost everything I've been eyeing. It's kind of like having a dermatologist fairy godmother. And since I'm newb at this whole skin thing, the how-to videos and beginner guides told me the exact order to put on the products, which ones to let soak or wash off, and answered basically every embarrassing question I had stored in my brain.

"Our dedicated beauty editors interview experts from dermatologists to estheticians to red carpet stylists, bringing you tips for the novice and skintellectual alike," says Kat Sherbo, Dermstore director of editorial. That question you have about which serum is right for your skin is already answered, just so you know.

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3. The wellness store is chock full of unexpected gems

Of course skin care is at the top of my list, but improving other aspects of my life like sleep and hydration are definitely up there, too, which is why Dermstore's wellness selection was totally speaking my language.

There's a hangover patch—yep, that's a real thing—that you stick on your arm after one too many to help bring you back to normal human function mode. And don't even get me started on all the CBD-infused wonders that I cannot wait to rub all over my skin. I think I'm well on my way to graduating skin-care newbie status, don't you think?

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Top photo: Stocksy/Javier Díez

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