Becky G Credits *This* Cardio-Strength Move With Keeping Her Core and Glutes Strong

Photo: Michelob Ultra
Over the course of the past year, singer Becky G used the pandemic-induced break to figure out what makes her feel like her best self. "I have a very public career where a lot of the things I do are for my fans or my team or to meet a deadline for my schedule, but [I finally had a chance to ask myself]: 'What do I do for me?'" she says. "I realized that what makes me feel empowered and strong is when I'm being healthy and giving myself even 20 minutes a day of stretching or movement." After realizing she was burnt out, she took the time to prioritize her health and wellness, "and it's now one of the key balances to my lifestyle," she says.

Her regular routine is a mixture of movement, and on any given day includes boxing, playing soccer, riding her Peloton bike, and of course, a whole lot dance cardio. "I like to do high cardio stuff," she says. "It's really great for me, because I like to get my heartbeat going and activate my full body," she says.

These days, the "Shower" singer is prepping for her just-announced Vegas residency, and though she loves to sample all kinds of different workouts, there's one move in particular she's been relying on to keep her body strong. "Dancing in heels onstage isn't exactly safe, so you need a lot of core and lower body strength to not only make sure you’re making it up and down the stairs safely, but to also be sure you're feeling confident in your movement," she says. "So I would say I have a love/hate relationship with jump squats, which I know are really good for getting your heart rate going while activating the muscles in my legs at the same time."

But beyond making her strong enough to dance on stage, she says there's a deeper reason to why she works out. "There were times in my life where people were applauding how I looked, but I knew that I felt the complete opposite on the inside," she says. Now, the singer has partnered with Michelob Ultra for a program called "Movement LIVE by Michelob Ultra" to share that message with her fans through a "Friends and Familia" 20-minute high-intensity virtual workout, which she'll host live on Michelob's website today (May 26). "[Fitness] has helped my overall mental health to elevate from a very, very low place to a point where I now feel really empowered," says Gomez. "That's something I want to share with my community, the Latin community."

Dancing in heels aside, "It's so easy to get caught up in how things look, but healthy isn't a look—it's a feeling," says Gomez. "It has nothing to do with your physical appearance and everything to do with what’s going on inside."

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