Bed Threads Has the Comfiest Linen Sheets—And They’re *Actually* Affordable

Photo: Courtesy of Bed Threads
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When Genevieve Rosen-Biller and her husband Alan moved into a new apartment in 2014, all she wanted was to furnish her home with beautiful, sustainable products on a budget. She was 24 and didn't have $800 to blow on bedding, but since she wanted 100 percent linen sheets, that was her only option. "I didn't feel like as a customer, I was getting what I needed in the market at the time," she says. So the couple decided to create a solution and launched Bed Threads, a sustainable and affordable linen home goods and sleepwear company.

"Traditionally, linen has been very expensive," says Rosen-Biller. "It's strange because it's such an old and ancient fabric that's been used for thousands of years. It's used in clothing and it's so popular, but in bedding, there was so much gatekeeping around this fiber. It was really inaccessible to a young person."

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For Rosen-Biller, having linen bedding was important because she knew how much it would enhance her sleep quality. "Linen is a trans-seasonal natural material, which means that it's a natural temperature regulator that adjusts with your body's temperature as you move through your year," she says. "It's highly absorbent, moisture-wicking, it keeps you cool in summer and warm and winter. And because it's fully natural, it can hold up to 20 times its weight in water, which is why people prefer linen sheets, especially if they're a hot sleeper or a sweaty sleeper."

Rosen-Biller says to run them through the wash at least three times before making your bed to break them in.

Plus, unlike cotton sheets that tend to pill and get rougher with age, linen sheets get comfier with every wash. "As time goes on, it only becomes softer and more beautiful with use," says Rosen-Biller. Straight out of the package, the linens can feel a bit scratchy. Rosen-Biller says to run them through the wash at least three times before making your bed to break them in.

For its part, Bed Threads takes this beautiful ancient textile and puts a modern twist on it. The Australian brand started in 2017 with six colors and now has 20 options to choose from, allowing you to design the bed of your dreams. Shop separates, or customize the best set for you, choosing from a duvet cover, pillowcase, and sheet options. The cost of a custom bundle ranges between $352 for a twin to $472 for a California king. When creating your own bundle, a 3D rendering allows you to choose which pieces you buy (Think top sheets are useless? Don't get one.) and what color each piece will come in.

"We had an order the other day and every single item in the bundle was a different color, and I just thought: 'Good for you,'" says Rosen-Biller. "I don't know if I'm that confident personally, but it's for your bedroom, which is such a personal and intimate space. I love seeing how people take the product and make it right for them."

Each piece is made from 100 percent French flax linen and colored with eco-friendly dye, meaning you don't have to worry about chemicals like formaldehyde that can sometimes sneak into your space through home goods. "I think that's also why they feel so good," says Rosen-Biller.

This commitment to using natural dyes speaks to the overall mission of Bed Threads to create sustainable goods. To start, pure linen is biodegradable, so when it comes time to retire your set, it can be returned to the earth. Plus, the materials are farmed and manufactured in an ethical way. "We only work with nice people," says Rosen-Biller.

And the brand also works with an Australian company called Carbon Neutral to help offset its carbon emissions. "They measure the amount of carbon we've emitted in that year and then we support one of their projects in Southwestern Australia called the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor," says Rosen-Biller. "It's a reforestation and biodiversity project that absorbs a lot of the carbon that's emitted."

Through meticulous and thoughtful research, sourcing, and planning, Rosen-Biller has created the linen bedding brand she wished existed all those years ago. Plus, it also carries 100 percent linen sleepwear, bath towels, and table linens.

"I'm so grateful to be able to serve our amazing Bed Threads community and offer people a beautiful natural product for their home," she says, "and hopefully make their time at home a little bit more comfortable."

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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