These Beeswax Wraps Will Help You Kick Your Kitchen Plastic Habit to the Curb Once and for All

Photo: Getty Images/Kathrin Ziegler
There are plenty of simple swaps out there that can help make your kitchen a more sustainable place. Plastic straws, bags, and containers have all got easy-to-find alternatives, and I'd venture to guess that anyone trying to go green with their routine hasn't seen a plastic water bottle in years. But one item that's been frustratingly challenging to part with (in my kitchen, at least)? Plastic wrap. But now, with the help of Ten and Co.'s Classic Beeswax Wraps ($24), it's time to say goodbye to it once and for all.

Ten and Co. Classic Beeswax Wraps

Shop now: Ten and Co. Classic Beeswax Wraps, $24

The wraps—which come in a set of three—function in exactly the same way as your usual plastic wrap with a whole lot less waste. They're made from cloth that's covered in a coat of beeswax, plus other natural ingredients like jojoba oil, coconut oil, and pine tree resin. Thanks to their waxy texture, they can be molded over any plate or bowl—and actually stick in place!—to help keep your food fresh the same way plastic does. When you're through with them, just wash them with soap and cold water and let them dry alongside your dishes. Not only will this help you prevent the usual plastic waste that comes along with tossing your usual storage mechanism in the trash, but it will also help with food waste by helping your leftovers last a whole lot longer.

And what's more? These wraps are legitimately cute. They come in quirky patterns that feature either bees or fruit, which help make diving into last night's pad thai even more exciting.

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