CBD Curious? Here’s the Starter Product You Should Try, Based on Your Lifestyle

The CBD bandwagon has been steadily chugging through the world of wellness (and social media) for the past five years or so, but if you're one of the holdouts who has yet to hop on—we get it.

It has a long, complicated-sounding name (cannabidiol) and a rather controversial cousin (CBD is derived from hemp plants, but does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC). But if you're curious about CBD (there's got to be a reason everyone on Instagram raves about it, right?), the key to overcoming any hesitancy or skepticism you may have is to dive right into what it actually is, and what it does for your body—literally.

"CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system of receptors designed to receive endocannabinoid compounds made by the body, which have a similar chemical composition to CBD," says Jen Palmer, ND, director of education for Charlotte's Web™. "The ECS creates balance throughout by intersecting with all other systems in the body, including the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, and immune system."

What should all that sciency stuff mean to you? According to Palmer, when you're stressed, your cortisol becomes elevated, which can cause these endocannabinoids to degrade and impair normal functions. "When endocannabinoids are out of commission, CBD can jump in to rescue the ECS and restore balance throughout all the systems of the body," Palmer says.

But despite what you may have heard from CBD lovers in your friend group, adding it to your supplement routine isn't a one-size-fits-all process. The first step in finding a beginner CBD product that works for you is ensuring you're selecting one from a reliable manufacturer.

"Charlotte’s Web sets some of the highest testing standards in the industry," Palmer says. "We work closely with our American farming partners, who are certified organic, and are required to perform multiple tests on the soil and water. [They also] test the hemp for mold and for CBD and THC potency to determine the best timing for harvesting."

Next up is finding the formula that fits your lifestyle—because yes, they can support different things. Whether you're looking for a boost in zzz's at night, stress support during the day, or even workout recovery, you can can zero in on the specific CBD product best suited for your lifestyle. Keep reading to find yours.

Keep scrolling to find the beginner CBD product that's best suited for your day-to-day lifestyle.

1. You're a busy bee who could use a nap

If eight hours sounds more like a dream than reality, you may need some help in the zzz's department—and CBD can help. According to Palmer, the endocannabinoid system regulates circadian rhythms, and also helps maintain everyday body function like appetite, mood, and sleep. "Research suggests that CBD may help with both falling and staying asleep," she adds.

Palmer suggests trying Charlotte's Web™ CBD Sleep Gummies, which pair its high-quality CBD with melatonin (a natural hormone that regulates our circadian rhythm) to really help support quality sleep. Plus, these vegan gummies have a lightly sweet natural raspberry flavor, so you can consider your sleepytime beginner CBD product a pre-bed dessert.

2. You're stressing over work five days a week

According to Palmer, one of the most impactful things CBD can do is help support a balanced stress response. "Stress causes a waterfall effect: It interferes with sleep, it dampens a healthy immune response, and it leads to fatigue and possibly alterations in mood," she says. When you're stressed out, you can count on feeling it not just mentally, but all over physically, too.

Full-spectrum CBD—like Charlotte's Web Calm™ Gummies—can help manage everyday stress by balancing overexcited nerves that tend to make us feel more stressed, says Palmer. Want proof? A 2017 study showed that taking CBD prior to public speaking helped support a sense of calm for nervous speakers. And since public speaking is (unofficially) the ultimate stress test, you know it's got to be worth its salt.

3. You're looking for a wellness reset

Sometimes you need to take a step back give your overall well-being a little boost for the better. For these moments, opt for Charlotte's Web Daily Wellness Gummies or Charlotte's Web™ Original Formula, both of which tap the signature CBD formula that contains full-spectrum hemp extract.

These are great options for CBD newcomers, and science agrees. To confirm the effectiveness of Charlotte's Web™ Original Formula, Radicle Science conducted a clinical trial on people who previously haven't taken CBD in the past, and participants recorded a 74 percent increase in well-being, 32 percent improvement in sleep quality, and a 53 percent decrease in feelings of stress. So even if you're just feeling a little meh one day, you've can hit up your beginner CBD sidekick for some general support.

4. You're on the hunt for a better workout recovery routine

If your day-to-day involves gym sessions or strenuous yoga poses, you might experience exercise-induced inflammation—and, you guessed it, CBD can help with that. "When inflammation becomes excessive post-exercise, CBD and other supportive phytocannabinoids can be used to promote balance through several mechanisms of action," she says. "In other words, CBD helps support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation."

Fight off inflammation and sore-leg days with Charlotte's Web Recovery Gummies that also contain soothing ingredients like turmeric and ginger. Grab a foam roller, and you'll be ready to take on whatever your exercise regimen has in store for you next.

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