Ease Back Into Your Movement Routine With This 20-Minute Sculpt Class

Every once in a while, you may feel the need to press the pause button on your regular sweat routine. Maybe work has picked up, winter has you feeling more cozy-core than core work, or you're just not loving your chosen exercise style anymore. Whatever your reason, when you're ready to jump back into your routine, Colette Dong, trainer and founder of The Ness, provides a back-at-it sculpt class that's a great place to start.

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In this week's episode of Good Moves, Dong guides you through a slow and steady strength training session that only requires mat, an (optional) set of light hand weights, and your body.

To start class, Dong directs you through some calming breathwork to help you land on your mat before you jump into working the upper body. You'll then move into engaging your glutes and core, before closing things down with a nice, full-body stretch.

While you can increase the weights for this workout, Dong notes that the main objective of this strength training is to work on form. "[Correct form] is what we really want to work on today in this simple sculpt. It's slow, it's correct, it's accurate," she says. "We want to make sure everything's firing up the way it's supposed to and that we're doing it right before we start to progress towards other things." So take note of that before you grab your heavies.

Ready to press play on your movement routine? Turn on your favorite tunes and get moving with Dong's 20-minute class. (You'll be out of your workout rut before you know it.)

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