The One Workout Essential Behati Prinsloo Swears by When She Travels

Photo: Instagram/@behatiprinsloo
While some people prefer to kick off their sneakers and do a little earthing to cure their jet lag, supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo has another genius healthy hack for dealing with travel fatigue: exercise. And she doesn't necessarily need a resort gym with an epic view in order to get her sweat on—just a set of carry-on friendly resistance bands.

“I really love having [them] with me in different strengths," she says. "It’s my easy thing that anyone can do, even at home, literally sitting in front of the TV, or in a hotel room."

"It’s my easy thing that anyone can do."

Her go-to workout? “Put one around your knees and just start squatting,” suggests the supermodel. Additionally, she says, “it’s really good for your arms. There are a ton of arm exercises, and I really love the look I get from using it. It’s like Pilates—it lengthens the muscles.” Now you know how she gets her (fitness) moves like Jagger.

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