These Are the Healing Crystals That Bella Hadid Keeps on Hand

Photo: Instagram/@bellahadid
You know woo-woo wellness has become mainstream when even celebs are touting things like meditation, shamans, and crystals. Just look at Jennifer Aniston, who (literally) rocks a custom, high-vibe moonstone necklace to support her heart chakra.

Now Bella Hadid has flaunted her love of magical gemstones, which she showcased on her Instagram yesterday. And the supermodel-slash-it-girl's crystal game is no joke—her collection features sizable, gorgeous rocks in an array of healing hues, some even heart-shaped (which give me major heart-eyes).

"As I fly to Dubai later tonight, a few of my favorite crystals will be here charging with the bright and full 'pink moon,'" writes Hadid. That's right—not only does the model keep the gems on hand, but she knows how to keep their energy flowing as well.

bella hadid crystals
Photo: Instagram/@bellahadid

To figure out which exact crystals Hadid has in her collection, I consulted gemstone genius Luke Simon of Brooklyn's Maha Rose Wellness Center. From the top purple one in clockwise order, this is the lowdown on what she's working with, according to Simon:

  • "The purple heart is an amethyst, which is very calming, detoxifying, and connects you to the spiritual realm."
  • "She has two sky blue celestites, a sparkly stone for angelic communication, which opens your intuition and the throat."
  • "On the right is what looks like a quartz crystal ball—this is for seeing into your future, and it's very reflective and clarifying."
  • "The long white stone in foreground is a selenite wand, which is a very high-frequency, divine energy that delves into your higher chakra. You can use them as swords to ward over things to cleanse them."
  • "In the middle is a smoky quartz, which brings a dark, grounding element due to its color."
  • "The gold crystal is a pyrite, AKA fool's gold—it's an energizing, motivating, activating stone for getting things done in the world."
  • "On the far left is a cluster that's very unique—it's another quartz for clarifying."

Um, talk about #crystalgoals.

You can use the healing rocks in a number of ways—here are 3 from the hip-hop world's gem expert. And Khloe Kardashian rubs tourmaline on her face for clear skin—but does it work

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