Bella Hadid Gets Candid About Her Struggle With Social Anxiety

Photo: Instagram/@bellahadid
Imagine walking into a room full of people and feeling your heart rate skyrocket, your hands clam up, and your body start to sweat because being around others is so nerve-wracking. That's called social anxiety, and so many people struggle with it—including Bella Hadid.

The young supermodel-slash-fashion ingénue opened up recently on her mother's new Lifetime show "Making a Model" (in case you didn't know, her mom is fellow supermodel Yolanda Hadid) about how, when she started in the biz, she would leave red carpet events and interviews in tears, as reported by The Daily Mail.

"My sister's very bubbly and very out there, and I was always very reserved," Hadid said to the young contestants of her older sister Gigi. She even admits to "blacking out" after walking the runway because she was so overwhelmed with anxiety.

"In this business, it's hard to stay centered, stay inside yourself."

"In this business, it's hard to stay centered, stay inside yourself," she said. But she had some advice to the models: "You're not alone, I promise you—I'm hear to talk. Believe me I get it, I was totally there. I promise I went through that, [and] it gets better once you start doing it every day. It's my job, I have to do it anyway."

Hadid's openness comes at a time when many other celebs are refreshingly keeping it real in terms of mental health struggles like depression and anxiety—just look at Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and countless others. If you're struggling too, it's at least comforting that there's an honest conversation going on about it—so there's no shame at all.

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