I’m a Longtime Beauty Editor, and Benefit Is Launching the Techiest Mascara I’ve Ever Seen


Superhero. Eyes to Kill. Lash Blast. And now: They’re Real Magnet Mascara from Benefit. If you'd been wondering what the next great mascara would be, look no further than Benefit's most recent launch, which taps innovative technology to lengthen lashes and stack pigments on top of one another in a way we haven't yet seen.

Utilizing a magnet core technology inside of the short zig-zag bristled wand, magnetized pigments in the mascara formula are guided, almost like Lego pieces snapping one on top of the other to lengthen lashes as you move the applicator across your fringe. The technology allows the pigments to stack out beyond where your natural lashes end, meaning They're Real Magnet Mascara from Benefit is a product that truly makes a dramatic difference with enough coats. In independent research, Benefit found that the use of the mascara lengthened lashes up to 40 percent.

Shop Now: Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Magnet Mascara, $27

Shop Now: Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Magnet Mascara, $27

What's more, the length didn't just stay on at the time of application and then flake off an hour later, it gripped onto lashes for up to 36 hours (or in quarantine time: one long sleep and 5,000 cups of coffee later). The formula is water-resistant, so if you, like me, happen to be someone who's really moved by YouTube pre-roll these days, you won't find yourself having to reapply after you have a good cry in your living room.

While I'm not someone who's looking for tremendous length every single day of the week, having a coat of mascara on never makes me feel bad, and one thing I like about this formula is that it's buildable. So someone like me who's just looking for an inky stain can use it and someone who's looking for more intense volume and length can, too. Because of the magnet technology, you never look like you've gone one-coat over max capacity, each flick of the wand looks natural as you build it outward.

Currently, the tube comes in a true black, in two sizes: one that's a mini and one that's made for how many times a day you'll want to slick this stuff on. Ahem:

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