This Is the Biggest Benefit of Going Plant-Based, According to an RD

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It feels like everywhere you go (read: the grocery store down the street or your Instagram feed), there's chatter in the wellness space about taking on a plant-based diet.

But have you ever stopped to think about what the benefit of nixing meat and incorporating more veggies into your life actually is?

We joined forces with Lightlife to pick registered dietitian Vanessa Rissetto's brain, and the answer is in: The biggest benefit of a plant-based diet is, well, the overall halo. "Overall health is the biggest benefit from my vantage," she says. But let's go a little deeper.

"Overall health is the biggest benefit from my vantage."

"The more plants you eat, the healthier your gut is, and the better immune support you should have (of course other factors contribute as well, but this is a start)," Rissetto says. A little refresher: Your gut can impact nearly every aspect of your health—ranging from your metabolism to your emotions to your sleep—so by initiating a plant-based diet that lends itself to a solid gut, you're potentially helping out other vital parts of your health. (We love a good multitasker.)

In addition to giving your gut health a bump in the right direction, going the plant-forward route is a massive slam dunk for your fiber intake—which we all know is key. "More plants equal more fiber, which helps to stabilize your blood sugar and keep you feeling satiated," Rissetto says.

So, instead of feeling hunger pains 30 minutes after aimlessly reaching for a random snack in your pantry, sticking to an intentional plant-based meal plan means you'll feel satisfied (but not help-I'm-so-full-I-can't-breathe) until your next veggie-centered yum fest.

Speaking of plant-based feasting, you don't really need to ban meat-inspired foods from your menu—just opt for Lightlife plant-based proteins, which use whole ingredients like pea protein, garlic, and coconut oil to bring you all the plant-powered benefits while still serving up delicious savory flavors.

And just when you thought the benefits of a plant-based diet were all checked off, the list keeps on going. According to Rissetto, getting on board with this eating lifestyle can also help lower blood pressure, work to improve your cholesterol, and could aid in weight loss. Plus, some studies state there are reasons to believe that a plant-based diet can help with cognitive function, and may even help prevent Alzheimers, Rissetto says.

At the end of the day, your goal is to nourish your body with food that tastes good and aids in achieving your goal of living a happy and healthy life. And according to Rissetto, studies show that diets that center around whole foods lead to longevity.

So the next time you hit up your local grocery store or take a gander at your wellness-y Instagram feed, you can feel like a plant-based benefit know-it-all—because, well, you are.

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