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The Best Under $50 Black Leggings That Anna Wintour Would Totally Approve Of

Zoe Weiner

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In the fashion world, the “AWOK”—AKA the Anna Wintour stamp of approval—is one of the highest possible honors. It’s been bestowed upon the world’s top designers—and in some cases, it’s actually how they became the world’s top designers—and more recently it got scribbled onto a pair of seriously chic sneakers where it was forever immortalized in the wellness world. And now, Wintour has leant the AWOK to everyone’s favorite athleisure item: the black legging.

In a recent video titled,  “Ask Anna Anything,” a reader inquired about the legendary editor’s thoughts on the athleisure essential. And while it’s pretty clear from her initial chuckle that she’s not totally on board with the whole gymwear-as-streetwear thing, she does have a few positive things to say about it.

“Well, this is not the first time in fashion that we’ve celebrated leggings,” Wintour says of the history behind the stretchy wardrobe staple. “We saw them happen I think first in the ’80s, courtesy of I believe Azzedine Alaia, and also the explosion in fitness and everybody starting to workout in a frantic way that they hadn’t done before.”

Then, she goes on to  drop the truth bomb fitness-slash-fashion aficionados have been waiting for: “I tend to think they look best in black.” Earth-shattering insight, right there.

And in what might just be the best moment in the whole video, a producer points out that Anna Wintour herself had a pink leggings moment in 1993, to which she replies: “Well, that was a mistake.”  Lol.

While I, personally, have blissfully been wearing black leggings for the last 15 years everywhere from the gym to the airport (Delta, be damned) without caring literally at all whether or not they’re fashionable, it’s nice to know that I was actually on to something cool and trendy. For what it’s worth, pretty much every style of legging gets the “W+G OK,” because leggings are freaking amazing no matter what they look like. But just in case, here are six pairs—all for under $50—that are totally worthy of the pages of Vogue.

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