Get In an Intense Workout *Anywhere* Using This Completely Collapsable Pilates Reformer

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There's really only one major downside to living in a smaller space: there's not much room for activities. On those chilly fall days you don't want to leave your warm-and-cozy home for Pilates class, it would be nice to have an area for a reformer of your own. While most are big, bulky, and impossible to store (not to mention expensive!), there's a new option on the market that's so portable you can pack it up in your carry-on.

The trend of bringing space-saving workout equipment home is only growing (hello, mini treadmills!), and the Pilates Wheel is the latest machine worth snagging. It only takes seconds to assemble and break down and has an adjustable footbar and hub-rotating wheels that allow you to perform hundreds of the same moves you'd do on an actual reformer. But instead of spending hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars on a full machine, these start at only $180 each. "We took machine Pilates and boiled it down to make it accessible in your living room, just like mat Pilates," said co-creator and Pilates instructor Kristin Anderson in a video.

"We took machine Pilates and boiled it down to make it accessible in your living room, just like mat Pilates." —Kristin Anderson co-creator and Pilates instructor

When you're done using it, you can stick it under your bed, in the closet, behind your couch—really, anywhere. It breaks down to two pieces that are roughly the size of a dinner plate and a bar that's easy to hide. Between this body-toning wheel, the futuristic interactive gym Mirror, and an endless amount of steaming workout subscriptions available, it's getting easier than ever to assemble your dream home gym no matter how much space you have. No extra bedroom required.

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