More Americans Than Ever Plan To Work Out in 2021, and At-Home Fitness Is Helping the Cause

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Jotting down something along the lines of "exercise more" as a New Year's resolution is pretty standard. That, and eat more broccoli. (Just me?) But according to a new data, the amount of people who want to up their workouts is at an all-time high, possibly making 2021 everyone's sweatiest year yet.

After months of uncertainty, people are ready to change something they do have control over: their health and well-being. In a survey from FYT, a personal training service, the majority of the 600 participants planned on kicking their workouts into high gear in the new year. According to the data, 3 in 4 Americans intended to exercise more in 2021 than they did in 2020. And in order to stick to those workouts, 78 percent of survey participants said they planned on exercising at home.

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In 2020, we found people developed a new appreciation for at-home workouts. Over the past 9 months, the daily views of "home workouts" on YouTube increased by 515 percent—and Well+Good's fitness videos have had 350 percent more views this year than last. Aside from YouTube videos, many studios you know and love worked hard to launch online platforms that allow loyal fans to get in the same great workout from home. That includes Hot Pilates, 305 Fitness, BK Yoga Club, and more.

No matter how you like to sweat, we have you covered. Here are some of the best at-home workout videos to try.

Get your sweat on with the best at-home workout videos

1. If you're into Pilates

Pilates workout for beginners:

25-minute full-body Pilates workout:

30-minute full-body Pilates workout:

2. If you're into boxing

10-minute beginner boxing workout:

Advanced boxing workout:

20-minute HIIT boxing workout:

3. If you're into yoga

Yoga for beginners:

Twisting yoga flow to stretch and unwind:

20-minute yoga for strength:

4. If you're into HIIT

15-minute low impact HIIT:

25-minute bodyweight HIIT:

30-minute HIIT workout with weights:

5. If you're into dance

Beginner dance cardio:

Advanced dance cardio:

18-minute dance cardio party

6. If you're into running

15-minute runner's treadmill HIIT workout:

Speed interval treadmill workout:

15-minute runner's hill workout:

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