The Body-Toning, Heart-Pumping Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

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Even when you have the best intentions of making it to spin class, staying devoted to your favorite studio or gym when it's freezing and dark outside is sometimes just not gonna happen. You're not alone—it turns out, even your favorite trainers (and their celeb clients) keep it simple by working out right at home.

And over the past year, we've convinced some big names to share their living room fitness magic. Think Anna Kaiser and Karlie Kloss, the Tone It Up girls, Emily Skye, and the trainer who keeps Jennifer Lopez looking straight-up amazing.

Just in case you missed them—or want to bookmark this page as a handy at-home cheat sheet—here are the 10 best at-home workouts of the year. 

karlie kloss akt workout
Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss

1. Karlie Kloss' go-to workout with Anna Kaiser

Karlie Kloss' love for AKT in Motion was all over her Instagram this year. But you don't need to have Anna Kaiser on speed dial to work out like the supermodel. The dance cardio queen revealed the workout routine she leads Kloss through, and here's the best part: It's actually a lot of fun.

Emily Skye
Photo: Declan Redmond & Emily Syke

2. Emily Skye's monthlong workout plan

Emily Skye's F.I.T. program has attracted followers worldwide, but while the customizable plan will normally cost you, the Australian fitness trainer gifted Well+Good readers something pretty sweet: a month's worth of workouts, all of which can be done at home. Warning: It's pretty hardcore. 

Photo: Instagram/@jlo
Photo: Instagram/@jlo

3. Jennifer Lopez's butt-sculpting workout

Getting a backside like Jennifer Lopez's comes with its fair share of hard work, sweat, and many, many squats. (And I'm not talking just any old squat....)

Photo: Rupa Mehta
Photo: Rupa Mehta

4. The sweat sesh designed to make you happier

Do high knees and boxing jabs make you happy? Well they should! Rupa Mehta, the creator of the Nalini Method designed a workout that goes beyond endorphin-boosting: Each of her moves are paired with an intention, and it turns out having an internal thought paired with an outer move upgrades the mind and body. 

sculpting workout

5. Sculpting moves you can do anywhere

Tonique creator Sylwia Wiesenberg went above and beyond this year by coming up with a workout that sculpts the entire body in 38 minutes—and requires very little space (and no equipment). 

warrior 2, empower sequence
Photos: Aim True

6. Kathryn Budig's yoga moves for empowerment

You know those days when you just feel like you missed the mark? Aim True author and yogi Kathryn Budig designed a yoga sequence specifically meant for getting that confidence back up. Her affirmation and power pose pairings will have you feeling like you can conquer the world in no time.

Photo: ModelFit

7. ModelFit's at-home core-strengthening workout

Alas, not everyone can join ModelFit frequenters Taylor Swift and Hannah Bronfman for a class, but that doesn't mean you can't work out just like them. Here, trainer Lauren Ashley reveals the core-strengthening moves she teaches in the buzzy New York City studio.

Game of Thrones workout
Graphic: Well+Good

8. The Game of Thrones workout

This sequence (which is so fun it's more of a game, really) was designed to do while watching GOT season six, and comes courtesy of Reebok trainer Emily Schrod. Considering winter isn't coming—it's here—and you're probably going to rewatch the episodes anyway, it's a good one to bookmark.

Photo: CorePower Yoga

9. A stress-busting yoga and meditation sequence

Created by the pros at CorePower Yoga to combat anxiety surrounding the election, this yoga sequence lives on as a good one to come back to anytime you're feeling overwhelmed (by politics or, you know, life). 

Photo: Tone It Up
Photo: Tone It Up

10. Tone It Up full-body workout

There's a reason why Tone It Up duo Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott have well over 800,000 Instagram followers and are an on-the-rise fitness brand: Their moves work. The seven exercises in this sequence are from their bikini series—AKA they tone it up all over.

Debating leaving the house and booking some actual class time? Get the lowdown on whether a ClassPass subscription is still worth it. And after you work out, don't forget to foam-roll it out.

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