10 of the Best At-Home Workouts That We Tried This Year

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The at-home fitness universe existed well before March, but COVID-19 put it on the express train to ubiquity. This year, living room yoga classes and backyard HIIT workouts were all the rage. And along the way, the Well+Good staff discovered a few streaming services that grew near and dear to our hearts as the months flipped by.

From virtual running coaches to trampoline streaming services to exercise apps that barely make you move at all, these are the ten at-home workouts we'll be doing even when gyms reopen their doors for good. We hope you'll grab your yoga mat and join us (virtually) for one of our faves.

1. Obé, $27 per month

Fitness editor Zoë Weiner highly recommends Madelaine O'Connell's Sculpt class and Tiffani Robins's Bounce Classes on this pastel-colored platform. Cardio and strength training? Check and check.

Join now: Obé, $27 per month

2. P.volve, $20 per month

"You don't move a lot, and yet you definitely feel it. I don't know—it's magic I guess," says Well+Good's managing editor Sam Leal of her love of P.Volve. This fitness regimen combines resistance training with high-intensity and low-impact movements to help you target your teeny-tiniest muscles.

Join now: P.volve, $20 per month

3. Nike Run Club, Free

At the beginning of the pandemic, I  was in a running rut. My 2019 New York City Marathon hadn't gone the way I'd hoped—and I was nursing what felt like a four-month-long disappointment hangover. Then came Nike Run Club's Coach Bennett. Mile by mile, he reminded me why putting one foot in front of the other is worth it. If you've never downloaded the app and taken it on a 5K, it's completely free—and I highly recommend it.

Join now: Nike Run Club, Free

4. The Class, $40 per month

If you roll yoga, Pilates, cardio, dance, and a certain je ne sais quoi into a 50-minute sesh, you've got The Class. It's the beloved workout for Well+Good's director of creative development, Ella Dove—and that's saying a lot because Ella tries everything.

Join now: The Class, $40 per month

5. Well+Good's curated YouTube workout playlists, free

For more than a year, Well+Good has been hard at work creating video content that covers fitness modalities from barre to running to trampoline, so you find inspiration for the types of workouts that help you feel your best. There's so much to discover in our fitness playlists, but the highlight is this one-hour collection of slider workouts. Pinky swear your butt will be sore for days.

Try your first video here:

Join now: Well+Good's curated YouTube workout playlists, free

6. Peloton, $13 per month

"[Peloton is] such a high-quality, one-stop-shop for all the workouts," says senior lifestyle editor Alexis Berger. Indeed, you can enjoy spin, outdoor running, Pilates, yoga, and so much more under the umbrella of this app, whether you have Peloton equipment or not.

Join now: Peloton, $13 per month

7. Liberate, $10 per month

Liberate features meditations from more than 40 Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) teachers in one app. You learn from Joshua Bee Alafia, Bhantes Buddharakkhita, and so many more.

Join now: Liberate, $10 per month

8. Glo, $18 per month

Kathryn Budig's light-hearted and sweaty classes on Glo are just right for overcoming the afternoon slump. The service also offers classes that teach you how to perform myofascial release, something we all need after a year like 2020.

Join now: Glo, $18 per month

9. Le Sweat TV, $13 per month

Trainer Charlee Atkins knows how to lead fun, strength-based workouts like no one else. Whether you're a workout beginner or someone who knows their way around a kettlebell, Atkins will challenge you to engage every last muscle.

Join now: Le Sweat TV, $13 per month

10. Modo Yoga NYC online, $60 per month

Modo's teachers are unmatched. If you've never taken a class with Val Verdier (a former Well+Good Trainer of the Month Club instructor), you need to roll out your mat and do so stat. By the end of the class, you'll feel refreshed, just in time for the new year.

Check out Verdier's teaching style: 

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