New York City’s 11 Best Bachelorette Party Workouts

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305 fitnessWedding season is upon us, and you know what that means. (No, not scheduling extra meditation sessions, but hopefully you're already all over that.) Bachelorette weekends!

While drinking and dancing are still pretty standard, lots of brides today also want some fitness or yoga to factor into their party plans. It's a trend that makes total sense given how chock full our social lives are with all kinds of healthy activities.

So, whether you're a bride-to-be or a maid-of-honor master planner, we rounded up the best workouts around New York City for the occasion. All of them are great for groups and take the fun aspect of fitness very seriously—from dance party classes that will get everyone ready for reception dance floor to workouts that appeal to very type of bride, from barre maven and yogi to jock.

Here are the best places in Manhattan (in no particular order) to celebrate the end of single life by getting really sweaty. No fiancés allowed. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: 305 Fitness)


305 FitnessFor the former sorority girl: 305 Fitness

Feel like you're getting down in the club (before hitting the wedding dance floor) at this Greenwich Village dance cardio studio, where the motto is "Make Sweat Sexy." And hey, you'll actually be able to use some of the moves at the reception.

(Photo: 305 Fitness)


BodyandpoleFor the sexy honeymooner: Body & Pole

Learn a routine that will impress your partner (or at least get your bridal group laughing at each other's moves) at this cool pole dancing and aerial hoop studio with classes for all levels, including beginners.

(Photo: Body & Pole)


SB_launch_campaign_7For the jock: Shadowbox

Get rid of pre-wedding jitters and planning-related tension at this new swanky group boxing hotspot that includes rocking playlists and lets you put your muscles to work. Maybe just plan the group manicures for after you take the gloves off?

(Photo: Shadowbox)


Beyonce workoutFor the Bey lover: Beyonce Body

Is there any song more appropriate for a bachelorette party than "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)"? Visit Broadway Bodies and learn how to shake it like Bey for the wedding dance floor.

(Photo: Flickr/diariocriticove)


soulcycle bacheloretteFor the trend-obsessed: SoulCycle

Grab bikes at a downtown location of the cult-fave indoor cycling studio where tapping it back while wearing a tiara and tiny veil would be super welcome, if not make you front row material. (High rollers: you can rent out the downstairs West Village studio for $1,000 this summer, for a private ride.)

(Photo: SoulCycle)


physique-57For the girly girl: Physique 57

Pulse at the bar with your besties while staying primped enough to get cocktails afterwards without having to shower (and get another blowout).

(Photo: Physique 57)


VixenWorkout_GroupKittenPoseJessMoorePhotography1For the wild club-goer: Vixen Workout

Get the whole group to tap into their single wild sides at this super sexy dance cardio workout, where singing along to hip-hop beats, booty shaking, and shirt shedding are all encouraged (and common). Wear a smokin' sports bra?

(Photo: Vixen Workout)


Y7For the cool downtown yogi: Y7

Yoga at this cool-kids vinyasa studio is has broad appeal, hitting on several things the bachelorette party wants, like to de-stress, sweat profusely, or just jam out to Kanye.



Barrys-Bootcamp1For the muscle-loving protein bruncher: Barry's Bootcamp

If muscled dudes make the bride swoon, a class at Barry's could be better than Chippendales. Sign up for class with a hot instructor (ahem, Noah Neiman) before heading to a Paleo boozy (oxymoron?) brunch.

(Photo: Barry's Bootcamp)


TrapezeFor the Sex and the City lover: Trapeze School New York

Flying through the air (and "letting go") like Carrie Bradshaw is a bucket list item for lots of women, and checking it off with your best friends will be a memory that'll last long into married life.

(Photo: Trapeze School New York)


uplift-1For the feminist wine-lover: Uplift Studios

It's all women, all the time at Uplift, where girl-power comes with every HIIT class. Plus, there's a bar that they'll totally serve you wine at post-workout (along with the usual almonds for refueling).

(Photo: Uplift)


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