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The Only Thing You Need to Totally Revive Your Bathroom (and It Won’t Break the Bank)

Sure, Mindy Kaling's advice regarding the one thing you *really* need for your bathroom is solid (spoiler alert: it's a plunger); however, it's more of a practical tweak than an aesthetic one. (Well, if you fail to buy what she recommends you may end up dealing with a not-so-pretty sight...but still.) If you're looking to step up your decor game in this frequently-used space instead, there's an affordable, one-step way to do so simply by revamping what's underfoot. Replacing your "meh" bath mat or rug with one that offers a little more flair can go a long way toward giving this uber-functional room personality.

Because let's be real: Many of us rent our places so total tile excavation, swapping out light fixtures, and rethinking layouts is off limits. And even for those of us who have the possibility to do a renovation, many don't have the time to devote to such a huge project. By swapping out the textiles: towels, shower curtains, and especially the bath mat, you can reimagine your bathroom in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

From the provocative to the inspirational to the colorful to the just plain pretty, the 12 statement-making bath mats below offer a little something for everyone. An important thing I've learned from designers throughout the years: You don't have to stick to the bathroom aisle when shopping for your bath mat, either—any rug will do so long as its cotton and has a rug pad beneath it to prevent slipping.

Keep reading to give your bathroom new life via this underrated accessory.

best statement bathmats
Photo: The Dreslyn

Cold Picnic White Boobs Bath Mat, $60


bath mat
Photo: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Juliol Rug, starts at $48


best statement bath mat
Photo: Society 6

Society 6 Peach x Stripes Bath Mat, $30


best statement bath mat
Photo: Antropologie

Anthropologie Betsy Bath Mat, $48


best statement bath mats
Photo: Target

Opalhouse Diamond Woven Bath Rug, $25

best statement bath mat
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Get Naked Bath Mat, $39


best statement bath mats
Society 6

Society 6 Four Shades of Yellow Bath Mat, $30


best statement bath mats
Photo: H&M

H&M Jacquard-Weave Bath Mat, $25


best statment bath mats
Photo: Society 6

Society 6 Flamingo Pattern, $30


best statement bath mats
Photo: World Market

World Market You Look Great Bath Mat, $15

bath mats
Photo: Society 6

Tropical Jungle Leaves Bath Mat, $30


best statement bath mats
Photo: Target

Bursting Flower Bath Rug Set, $26

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