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The Best Bedtime Routine for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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While a comfy bed and luxe sheets can go a long way in providing an optimal environment for sleep, the groundwork for getting a good night's rest is actually laid before you even slip into bed. We're talking about bedtime routines. Like self-care routines, the ideal bedtime routine will differ from person to person, depending on their personality and what helps them relax. For some, burning off excess energy with a light yoga flow before bed may do the trick. For others, going all-out with an at-home spa sesh—think bubble baths and essential oils—will be the ritual that helps them sleep like a baby. To learn what might be ideal for you, turn to the best bedtime routine for your zodiac sign.

Below, astrologers provide some intel about the most effective bedtime routine to practice, according to your zodiac sign. (Don't know you sign? Get your natal chart online using a free generator, like this one.)

The best bedtime routine for you, according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Move your body

"As a fire sign, Aries often keeps going until they stop," says Rachel Lang, astrologer and author of the upcoming book, Modern Day Magic. With that in mind, a bedtime ritual for this sign may feel unnecessary. For that reason, Lang, along with and Ellen Bowles, an astrologer, tarot and ancestral healer, and co-author of Astrology SOS, both recommend practicing some form of light physical movement, such as yoga, stretching or, sex, to release excess energy, decompress, and transition into sleep mode.

Taurus: Embrace all things sensual

Taurus is a sensual Earth sign, so anything that helps this sign feel sexy and spicy before bed will be ideal, says Lang. Some ideas may include soothing sounds, luxe sheets, and scents like rose and bergamot. Bowles suggests a bubble bath and saying affirmations to yourself afterward as you massage your body.

Gemini: Quiet the mental chatter

As an intellectual air sign, Lang says Gemini's biggest bedtime challenge is turning off their mind. "A Gemini's mind is always looking for the next bright idea, and seeing how things can be redesigned and reconfigured," Bowles says. She suggests listening to a guided meditation to ground into the present moment and calm the mind.

And for bookworms out there, Lang suggests reading before bed to get lost in a story rather than your own thoughts.

Cancer: Moon gaze

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so it has a special connection with the night. That's why Bowles says moon gazing is a ritual that may help nourish this sign before bed. To practice moon gazing, "head outside or open a window and gaze at the bright moonlight," she says. "Let yourself get lost in its wonder and beauty as your mind wanders. Afterward, journal on the emotions that arose for you and information you received from its celestial body."

Leo: Make bedtime a luxurious experience

The best bedtime routine for a Leo centers on setting the right mood, says Lang—and for these fire signs, that means it's an extra long, luxurious, and sacred experience: light candles, slip into silky pajamas, and put on a moisturizing face mask.

Another Leo-friendly bedtime ritual? Sensual dancing. "Put on your favorite song that connects you to your sensuality," Bowles says. "Close your eyes and move your body however it feels called.

Virgo: Journal

Virgos thrive when they're clear on their next steps, which is why Bowles and Lang suggest journaling as a bedtime ritual for this Mercury-ruled sign. "Write your thoughts on one page of the journal and jot any to-do items that come to mind on the opposite page," Lang says. "As you do, imagine clearing those thoughts out of your conscious mind and fully relaxing." Furthermore, Bowles suggests writing down your intentions for how you want the next day's activities to feel and their likely outcomes.

Libra: Practice mirror work

Libras are often so busy catering to other people that they forget to tend to themselves too, Bowles says. For that reason, she recommends Libras incorporate mirror work as part of their bedtime ritual to help themselves feel seen, heard, and uplifted.

"Before bed, sit in front of your mirror and place your hands over your heart space," Bowles says. "Speak beautiful, compassionate words to yourself of how you are proud of your achievements and all that you accomplished for the day."

Scorpio: Listen to a guided meditation

"Because Scorpio is a water sign, they are more attuned to the emotions and vibes of others," Lang says. Because of this, she recommends a guided meditation before bed for Scorpios, which she says will help them feel more centered and balanced, and quiet their mind if it's ruminating on conversations, events, or worries of the day.

Sagittarius: Work on a vision board

Since Sagittarius folks often daydream of their next big adventure, Bowles suggests taking some time before bed each day to work on a vision board. Doing so could help unwind and serve as a reminder of their future adventure plans. "Start by adding one image each night before bed to your board, as a way to continue to expand on your purpose with intention," Bowles says. "When the board is complete, hang it in a place where you can see it from your bed."

Capricorn: Do some breathwork

Capricorn is always in demand, Bowles says, so carving out a solid 30 minutes before bed to themselves is a must. Bowles recommends turning off all your devices and using breathwork to connect back to the present. "With multiple projects always being handled, connecting back to your breath reminds you of the beauty of stillness," she says. "You will sleep better and feel better equipped to face the day ahead."

Aquarius: Practice visualization

Aquarians tend to have an active mind, and often that busy mind is focused on the future. To capitalize on that energy and include it in a bedtime routine, Lang suggests you visualize what you want to call into you life and to recite positive affirmations as part of your bedtime ritual. Doing so, she adds, helps ensures a positive mindset in time for drifting off and also communicates a sense of safety to the body.

Pisces: Try lucid dreaming exercises

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, so Lang suggests a bedtime ritual that may help you better remember your dreams. "Before bed, meditate to clear the mind and still the body," Lang says. "Set the intention to remember your dreams. Keep a dream journal to jot down your dream symbols right when you wake up. The dreams will become more vivid and prophetic over time."

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