This ‘Mistake-Proof’ Blush Stays Fresh on the Sweatiest Summer Days

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As a beauty editor, I've spent more time than I'd like to admit searching for a blush that will stand up to summer weather. Powders always wind up feeling cakey, and even my favorite creams turn into a goopy mess the minute I start to sweat. Enter the latest (dare I say) miracle-working complexion product that not only stays fresh when it's 95°F, but also manages to stay in place no matter what types of summer activities you put it through. Having tried so many different options on the market, I can say with full confidence that it is the best blush for hot weather without hesitation.

Indie beauty brand Deck of Scarlet has managed to turn the entire complexion-product category on its head with its new line of [Mis]take Proof blush and bronzer ($36)—which are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Unlike your usual creams or compacts, they come in a spray-on bottle that makes it easy to apply and impossible to mess up. They offer a dewy, airbrushed finish (the way your favorite cream-based products do), adding a swath of color while also blurring your pores.

The brand prides itself on offering clean, inclusive formulas that everyone can enjoy, and its latest launch lives up to that promise. The blush comes in six shades, including a range of peachy-pink neutrals that work with any skin tone and two lavender tones for when you want a bolder look, and there are four bronzer options that will work on the lightest and deepest complexions, plus everything in between. Aside from their gorgeous color palette, the products are also packed with good-for-skin ingredients that help explain why they look so dang good. They've got antioxidant-rich algae (which helps protect from pollution and UV damage), pore-tightening and oil-reducing ginger, and moisture locking squalane, all of which work together to support your skin's natural barrier.

While the idea of airbrushing your own makeup may sound intimidating, these spritzable products are just as easy to use as your usual blushes and bronzers. And a whole lot more fun. First, you'll want to shake the bottle vigorously (the brand recommends doing it "like a bottle of champagne in a music video," which I, for one, am on board with), then spray directly onto a blush brush or sponge. The products admittedly pack a punch, so if you want a slightly less pigmented finish you can spritz the back of your hand and transfer to your brush or sponge from there. Swirl onto your cheeks to blend the blush, or into your contour lines to add some sculpting with the bronzer, and that's it—you've got a full face that will last all day. A little bit of product goes a long way, which means you'll be able to hold onto your bottle at least until next summer.

The best blush and bronzer for hot weather

1. Deck of Scarlet [Mist]ake Proof Blush, $36

best blush for hot weather
Photo: Deck of Scarlet

2. Deck of Scarlet [Mist]ake Proof Bronzer, $36

best blush for hot weather
Photo: Deck of Scarlet

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