I’m The Pickiest Bra-Wearer On the Planet—And This Is the One I Don’t Want To Take Off

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True story: I haven’t worn a “real” bra in... maybe a decade. All I know for sure is that in the nearly seven years I’ve known my husband, he’s only seen me wear what he calls “scraps of fabric”—aka, bralettes so shapeless that they truly live up to the name. As for my actual bra size? I have no idea.

It’s hard to say what started it all. Was it my unwillingness to spend the time hunting down the perfect fit? (The cups always gapped.) The fact that, euphemistically speaking, it wasn't that much of a necessity? Or maybe my near diabolical need for comfort? Okay, so, it was all of the above.

But all that changed when I had a baby last December and the inevitable, ahem, engorgement ensued, jumping my bra size up a few levels. Even if you haven't recently birthed a small human, it's a good idea to reexamine your undies drawer periodically; our bodies—and therefore our needs—are in constant flux. When it came to bras, I had just been doing the equivalent of jamming my fingers in my ears and saying "la la la" for years—and this was my record scratch.

So when I got the chance to take the online intimates one-stop shop True&Co for a test drive, the timing was eerily on point (the Instagram algorithm had already clocked me, because bra ads followed me around like my cat when she thinks she needs her seventh meal of the day). The genius of the brand is that it's literally the result of crowd-sourcing directly from women—7 million of them, to be exact.

"The fit quiz is the very first intimate apparel fit quiz and was compiled from evaluating over 500 bras," says Michelle Lam, True&Co founder, of the quick survey you can take on True&Co's site that's used to both help create better bras, and also suggest the right bra size and fit for you. "Over 7 million women have taken the quiz, sharing over 200 million data points about her body, her life, her tastes."

The feedback? Less underwire, and more comfort. True&Co accomplishes that with a buttery soft microfiber that uses silicon dots to fuse the fabric together—which is a fancy way of saying it looks and feels seamless. Since it's so stretchy but still retains its shape, each size can accommodate you as your body fluctuates, too.

The genius of the brand is that it’s literally the result of crowd-sourcing directly from women—7 million of them, to be exact.

I landed on the True Body Lift Triangle Adjustable Strap Bra (no surprise, it's a top-seller). Like my former tattered bralettes, you can pull it on over your head—but unlike them, it offers real support, in sizes XS to XL (about 32A to 40E/DD, with some styles going up to 2X, or 42DDD/F). That's thanks to special engineering: What's called a wire-free channel replaces the traditional underwire here, and offers up to one inch of lift, according to True&Co.

The best part? No pinching and no wire—with the extra-smooth fabric, it basically glides on and boom: I forget it's there (until I look in a mirror and see the, um, noticeable difference). And if you're a breastfeeding mom, I can also report that it will be your new BFF. Instead of fumbling with all those extra clips on nursing bras (yes, I did try these out in a sleep-deprived haze), you can just pop a boob out and be done with it; it's that stretchy.

As for those more ample-chested than me, the on-site reviews still back it up. "The fit is great, there's just enough lift to matter, but the comfort and style is unbelievable," says one DD reviewer. "It's really hard to find everyday lightweight bras for my bust size," says another who's typically DDD, but "with this bra, it's super lightweight, has the perfect amount of padding, and fits extremely well with your body/chest."

So to my fellow picky bra-wearers out there, True&Co is absolutely worth a try if you're looking for one you won't want to rip off in a joyous slow-mo meme at the end of the day. And to the 7 million women who contributed to my bra revival, thank you.

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