6 of the Best Bras With Back Support That Give You 360-Degrees Comfort

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Shopping for bras should be an Olympic sport, IMO. Find one that fits? Bronze medal. Find one that fits and supports? Silver. Find one that fits, supports, is comfy, and doesn’t make your back ache by the end of the day? Gold! I've been in training, and I think I've done it: These are the best bras with back support.

The truth is, we often forget about our backs when we’re cruising down the aisles of our fave lingerie shops. Bras are supposed to support our front right? Yes, but when our breasts are weighing us down, our backs can pay the priceAfter reading countless reviews and trying out a few, each of the six brands below shared their top picks for back support. Keep on scrolling for the ones to buy.

1. Thirdlove Artisan Lace Racerback Bra, $65

best bras for back support
Photo: Thirdlove

This stylish number is designed for "fashion freedom," and lives up to its mission. It comes in three chic emerald tones, which offer business in the front by way of smoothing cups that are perfect to wear under a tee, and party in the back with dainty lace detailing. The memory foam construction and adjustable racerback make this bra secure and supportive enough to wear all day—no aches and pains to speak of.

Shop now: Thirdlove Artisan Racerback Bra, $65

2. Cosabella Never Say Never Valeria Racerback Bralette, $89

best bras for back support
Photo: Cosabella

This bra was originally made as a post-surgical bralette (so you know it's super comfy), and its wireless, racerback support makes it a sexy option that helps keep everything in place. The front closure also keeps this option super secure. No more awkward fidgeting and secret Zoom meeting adjustments for you!

Shop now: Cosabella Never Say Never Valeria Racerback Bralette, $89

3. Wacoal Basic Beauty Full Figure Seamless Underwire Bra, $52

best bras for back support
Photo: Wacoal

Looking for a full-coverage, wear-under-everything, hold-it-all-up hero? Well, you've found it. This bra is perfect for seamless coverage and mega-support (just look at the thick, no-slip straps), and the cups have an inner-sling for even more reinforcement.

Shop now: Wacoal Basic Beauty Full Figure Seamless Underwire Bra, $52

4. Lively All-Day T-Shirt Bra, $35

best bras for back support
Photo: Lively

This cult-favorite brand has done it again. With cups that offer more coverage and support than the classic T-Shirt Bra ($35) and thick straps that you can either wear hooked into a racerback or not, this versatile option is soft, safe, and a classic necessity for your collection.

Shop now: Lively All-Day T-Shirt Bra, $35

5. Natori Renew Full Fit Contour Bra, $62

best bras for back support
Photo: Natori

Down to $20 from the original $62, catch me sprinting to the site. The wide back is perfect for extra support and containment to hold up the whole situation when you're hunched over all day.

Shop now: Natori Renew Full Fit Contour Bra, $62

6. Knix WingWoman Contour Bra, $60

bras for back support
Photo: Knix

This wireless option is so comfy, you can even sleep in it! We all know that no two boobs are the same, so the plunging neckline and cups that contour to your body means that it's a solid option. The extra side coverage is great for support and limiting spillover, and Knix even has virtual bra fittings so you can find the right size for you.

Shop now: Knix WingWoman Contour Bra, $60

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