This Is the Candle You Should Light if You’re Feeling Out of Sorts—According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Of all the senses, scent is one of the most powerful. The olfactory system is a powerhouse at "setting the mood" for our bodies, be it through memory recall, emotional evocation, or mood stimulation. If you're not sure why some scents invigorate you more than others, it might just have to do with your zodiac sign.

Those who follow astrology know that your sun sign, which dictates major personality types and preferences, can have a hand in everything from partnership compatibility to bedtime routines. Scent and fragrance preferences are no different—according to an expert.

Alex Caiola, an astrologer and tarot reader based in Brooklyn, confirms that different signs are drawn to different scents, largely because of their elemental rulers. "The scents that signs gravitate towards resonate with what we know about their sign," she says. "From an elemental lens, signs are also drawn to the notes that resonate with their elements. So like Sagittarians—which are fire signs—like warm and spicy scents."

Caiola explains that fragrances and candles can also be used as what she calls "anecdotes." Each sign has an opposite sign across from it on the zodiac wheel known as polarity points. When the sign is in distress or is struggling with certain issues, lighting a candle that resonates with their specific polarity point can act as an anecdote. "If they need to calm down, they probably need to go for an anecdotal [candle]. Because if they light up something that's too familiar, it's just going to light them up even more."

Want to figure out what candles light your inner fire? Below, Caiola walks us through the best candles for zodiac signs paired with anecdotes, too.

Light your spark with the best candles for your zodiac sign


Boy Smells, Ash — $32.00

The very first sign of the zodiac is Aries, a fiery ram who gravitates towards bold notes of smoke, warm amber, and spice. “They like a candle that people see on their mantle and go, “Oh, I know what that is,” says Caiola. Candles like Boy Smells “Ash,” which has notes of burnt charcoal, dry hay, and charred clove, complements the boldness of Aries’ strong personality.

Moods by Yemmie, Opened Windows — $16.00

Anecdote: Libra

“Libra is their anecdote which is clean and classic,” says Caiola. “When they need to cool it, scents like lilac are going to calm them down.” Moods by Yemmie in “Opened Windows” smells like lilac and magnolia—two clean, pure scents that are great for centering an Aries when they need to cool off.


Lafco, Amber Black Vanilla — $42.00

“Taurus’s are Earth signs who gravitate toward warm, earthy scents that are good for grounding,” Caiola says. They’re drawn to their comfort zones, so Caiola recommends Tauruses light, warm, botanical scents or well-known fragrances, like vanilla. Something like Lafco “Amber Black Vanilla,” which blends notes of sandalwood and clove to create the perfect soothing scent.

Apotheke, Magnolia Bouquet — $38.00

Anecdote: Scorpio

Taurus’s polarity is Scorpio, a deep, mysterious water sign. If they’re out of their comfort zones or feeling ungrounded, Caiola recommends lighting a candle that smells like warm florals, like rose and magnolia. “Something mysteriously floral, where it’s not overtly one scent over another,” she says.


Capri Blue, Volcano — $21.00

Caiola says airy Geminis are drawn to citrus scents of any sorts, like lemon, lime, and bergamot. “Anything for energizing and anything that’s androgynous, which they embody,” Caiola says. The Capri Blue Volcano candle features a zesty blend of refreshing citrus, sweet sugar, and overall paradise, perfect for keeping up with the ever-changing Gemini.

Diptyque, Santal Sandalwood — $68.00

Anecdote: Sagittarius

Gemini’s fiery polarity is Sagittarius, so when they’re feeling too dynamic and overwhelmed, lighting Sagittarius’s favorite warm scent of deep sandalwood can help level them out. “If they’re feeling unregulated, lighting something woodsy will help them focus their efforts,” Caiola says.


Otherland, Freshwater Pearl — $36.00

Watery Cancers are drawn to all-things beachy, like salt water, coconut sunscreen, and warm sand. Otherland “Freshwater Pearl” smells about as close to the ocean as you can get, so if you’re a Cancer looking to set your watery soul on fire, check that out. Caiola says romantic scents, like rose and peony, work well for Cancers, too.

Boulangerie, Espresso — $18.00

Anecdote: Capricorn

“Cancers are the maternal signs of the zodiac. When they’re feeling off-balanced, they need a scent from Capricorn, the paternal sign,” Caiola says. “Aim for something like coffee, which has a traditional masculine scent. It’s a great palate cleanser from those romantic scents or watery smells.”


Paddywax, Amber & Smoke — $36.00

Like Aries, Leos are drawn to larger than life scents that you will instantly recognize. “They are typically drawn to bold scents, like cinnamon and amber, that are also warm. Something like Paddywax Amber & Smoke candle, which blends classic warm notes of cinnamon, musk, and amber, are sure to stroke the Leo’s ego.

Anecdote Candles, Laundry Day — $24.00

Anecdote: Aquarius

When Leos need to cool off, Caiola suggests lighting a scent that takes notes from their airy opposites, Aquarius. “Go with a scent like fresh laundry that’s clean and cool,” she says. Leos—Look for notes of cotton, fresh air, and lavender.


Brooklyn Candle Co., Fern + Moss — $28.00

Organized earthy Virgos are ruled by routine, says Caiola. “They love anything botanical,” she says. “They appreciate the plant-y, earthy smell.” Virgos: Choose a candle chock full of herbaceous scents, like fresh cut grass, fuzzy moss, and warm sage. Patchouli, which can smell musky and woody, is a solid bet, too.

Lulu Candles, Jasmine & Lily — $15.00

Anecdote: Pisces

“Pisces are a bit dreamier, a bit more whimsical,” says Caiola. When Virgos are getting too rigid or too meticulous, they need something to loosen them up. Dreamy florals, like lily and jasmine, can help them feel a little less analytical.


White Barn, White Gardenia — $30.00

When it comes to fragrances, Libras are super classic. “They want something that’s not too unfamiliar and not polarizing,” says Caiola. “They want like vanilla or gardenia, something that is a very easy classic.”

Volupsa, Moso Bamboo — $35.00

Anecdote: Aries

Opposite of balanced Libra is firey Aries. Caiola says when Libras need to channel that bold, forthright energy, they should light something smoky and musky an Aries would love. Something like Volupsa “Mosa Bamboo,” which is deep and musky, can help the Libra get a little unbalanced in the best way possible.


Nest, Rose Noir & Oud — $44.00

Next is deep, intuitive Scorpio, a water sign that’s known for their enigmatic charm. “Scorpio is deep like the ocean. They’re very curious and like intense fragrances, like leather, dark fruit, and warm florals,” says Caiola. For fans of gourmand, go with a dark berry, like fig or blackberry. Or, check out Nest Rose Noir & Oud, which blends together the deepest of scents, like incense, leather, and patchouli.



Floral Street, Vanilla Bloom — $46.00

Anecdote: Taurus

When Scorpios get too “in their feels,” Caiola recommends the grounding scents that resonate with their polarities: Taurus. “One-note vanilla is a sweet nostalgic,” she says. If you want something more blended, however, a candle like Floral Street “Vanilla Bloom” adds in notes of rose and plum for a rich scent.



Harlem Candle Co., Home — $45.00

Sagittarians are freedom-loving fire signs who gravitate towards musky scents. “They really love warm musk, neroli—a sexy warmth,” says Caiola. Spark the Harlem Candle Co. “Home” candle, which has top notes of bergamot, neroli, jasmine blended with deeper hints of musk, sandalwood, and tonka bean.

Thymes, Lemon Leaf — $25.00

Anecdote: Gemini

The anecdote to a moody Sag is the energizing citrus beloved by Gemini. “It’s motivating and energizing, especially when they need a pick me up,” says Caiola. Need some ideas? Fresh Meyer lemon, ruby pomegranate, and even minty eucalyptus can do the trick.


Rock N Roll Candle Co., Have A Cigar — $20.00

Remember when Caiola said Capricorns were the paternal sign in the zodiac line-up? That means they love traditionally masculine scents, like tobacco, patchouli, and worn leather. “They’re very traditional and like scents that keep their focus,” Caiola says. Scents like Rock N’ Roll Candle Co “Have A Cigar” are a Capricorn’s best friend.

Nette, Spring 1998 — $68.00

Anecdote: Cancer

When Capricorns are feeling heavy or burdened, Caiola recommends lighting something maternal, like their polarity sign, Cancer. Classic florals and delicate scents, like Nette Spring 1998, can soften a hardened Capricorn in times of need.


Chesapeake Bay, Awaken + Invigorate — $13.00

Like Geminis, Aquarians gravitate towards bright, clean scents that energize and inspire. “They’re clean and a little detached, so look for cooler scents like fresh laundry, eucalyptus, lemongrass,” Caiola says. “Scents that are like, the cool water or misty in the air.” This lemongrass and eucalyptus candle by Chesapeake Bay is a solid, affordable bet.

Homesick, Apple Orchard — $34.00

Anecdote: Leo

When Aquarians need to get in touch with their hidden fire sign, Caiola recommends scents that spark well with Leos. “Look for scents that are warm and generous, like spice and amber,” she says. Something like the Homesick Apple Orchard candle, which features spicy notes of cinnamon and clove in addition to crisp apple.


Maison, Palo Santo 12 — $26.00

Last, but certainly not least, is a dreamy Pisces. Sensitive and mystical, Pisces are drawn to scents as otherwordly as they are. “Look for scents that people just can’t put their fingers on,” says Caiola. “Watery smells and whimsical florals, like Lily of the Valley and jasmine, work well, too.”


L'or de Seraphine, Ares — $32.00

Anecdote: Virgo

When a Pisces needs to be brought down to Earth, light something botanical and Earthy. A candle like L’or de Serpahine “Ares” looks as good as it smells, featuring all the Virgo-centric scents Pisces need for grounding, like cedar, patchouli, and sage.


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