The Best City for Single #bossbabe Homebuyers Is…

Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed
Who says you need to be part of a couple to buy home? Being single doesn't compromise your #bossbabe status, and there's a big market for these strong, independent homebuyers that proves it. released a list of the top places to set down real-estate roots if you're riding solo (which is helpful to know considering single ladies are buying more homes than single men). After synthesizing factors like crime rates, walkability, access to public transportation, and even the cost of dinner, a handful of great places emerged…and based on the findings, you might consider scoping out the boutique fitness offerings in Ohio.

According to the press release, the Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville, Ohio, market was triumphant as the best city for single homebuyers based on average home value, median female income, annual crime rate, transit/walkability rating, and—arguably most important—average cost of dinner for two.

The Cincinnati-Wilmington-Maysville, Ohio, market was triumphant as the best city for single homebuyers.

Other markets in the top 10 included Dallas, Minneapolis, and Hartford. And while next 10 markets on the list include bigger cities like NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, the first batch is 70 percent more affordable.

But before you pack your bags, take the happiest state and most stressed-out city in America into consideration too.

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